1. Can i put a clone thats been under 24/7 light outside n have it reveg in pot?do i have to have a light on it at night to have it reveg in late May in Los Angeles with 14 hours or just put it out way earlier with less hours in the day n let it get use to the hour change to 14 to reveg or is it gonna stay in veg BEGINNER WITH CLONES 😂

  2. Transplanted a big healthy female 2 days ago and she's been super droopy/sad looking ever since, do I just leave them be or is there smthng I should do about it? First time grower so I'm pretty uneducated/inexperienced thus far, any advice would be greatly appreciated! I plan to post a video on my channel so whoever I ask for help can actually see my plants and better advise me in the right direction. Your plants are gorgeous homie, you're good at this shit, keep growing.

  3. Gave you a shout out on my second video and attempt at making YouTube videos on my ongoing progress as well this year. Your 2018 videos inspired me (and also a friend asking questions)…your trees looked great! Looking forward to your outdoor results this year as well. Peace

  4. Hands on learning as you go!..i remember those days!!..now fast forward!..25 plus yrs exp growing & breeding cannabis!!…love live life & Grow!! …pluuuur!!.. Pot.love.unity.respect!!….

  5. Lovely ladys my growmie plants look real healthy keep it up 👌👍😀✌
    Indo looking good to wish I had a bigger grow box so I can grow indo too lol
    New sub sub to me too 😇

  6. A real pleasure to watch mate. A most relaxed and genuine presence with no ego making myself wanting to follow this up , if only to chill , good job mate. Cheers

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