Our Garden of Psychedelic Plants (Huachuma, Toé, Ayahuasca)

I’m currently living in Peru at Arkana Spiritual Center. Here is a tour of the center and garden of psychoactive plants. Have your ‘Plant Medicine’ retreat in Peru …


  1. Hi Dakota, I love your channel. I greatly wish to one day visit Peru and participate in a ceremony. Any recommendations of an affordable and superb center? Arkana looks beautiful and I am thankful this video you made brought me to knowledge to a such a magical looking place

  2. The plant with large yellow trumpet shaped flowers reminds me of a local species called jimson weed. Within the same set is another beautiful flower that only blooms at night, its name is moon flower. This last one resembles the one highlighted here. They both contain Datura and is classified as a delirium. This information may help solve the mystery of origin!

  3. u need to have a strong soul to be thrown in the datura dimension i experiment with low doses a year or two ago and u like float throw time u don't feel like your moving but yet your going room to room with out realizing how u got there if there is any drug that makes spiritual and material indistinct from one and other they say the plant belongs to Satan or Shiva depending on what country your in and the roots are there gift if u planned on taking this all the time u would def make it apart of your diet the side effects are all extreme from hallucinations to nausea and dry mouth and always have a baby sitter because again you have no control u just end up where u end up

  4. Thanks for the video…. The plants and tour were awesome, but to be honest, your smile and your gorgeousness made this video beyond top notch. Hope all is well! Virtual hugs from North Carolina, USA.

  5. I love the fact that you talk to your camera as if you were talking to someone one on one. I’ve noticed you do this with every video & it’s allows the viewer to connect with you. appreciate you sharing your experiences, thoughts, & knowledge.

  6. I did sky ayahuasca in Peru. When my caretaker woke me up to go back to my hut I saw green ghosts with my eyes open. I've never heard of anyone talk about this…

  7. Toé is a very powerful plant, where I grew up it is called datura. Once we tried the plant. We brew it in hot water just like a tea (at least 40min). The effects are close to madness. Personally, I spent my evening inventing people with whom I chatted but who weren't really there, smoking cigarettes or joints that don't exist – in short, hallucinations. But contrary to acid for example where hallucinations are very colourful here we invent people, objects, rooms and situations and all this is strewn with blur, memory gaps, loss of spatial and temporal reference points…
    The dose that I had ingested was quite reasonable but one of my best friends who had taken a very high dose stayed under the influence of sustence (all the effects described to the power of 1000) for 3 days and to this we can add 2 days before being able to see again normally.
    We must be very careful with this plant, fortunately my friend has not had any after-effects.
    Take care of yourself and have fun.

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  8. i would very much love that life. and to talk with like minded people, the west is to selfish. I will one day have a place like this to live with people

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