Hello friends, my name is Christine, and welcome to Frugal Fit Mom! This was the first grocery shopping trip I have done in a month and we were LOW on a lot of …


  1. I save a lot of time by buying frozen diced peppers and frozen diced onions and stir fry peppers and onions. I always have about 10 bags in the freezer.

  2. Aldi 1 pound sour cream 19 cents got 5 5 packs of green onions got 5 texas toast 1.49 got 5. 10 pound bag off potatoes for 69 cents got 2 made my husband get a deep freezer when i can find cheap food
    Love your videos thanks 😊😘❤💕

  3. You are really inspiring and so positive, I have been binge-watching today.

    A tip I want to share because it helps me to mix up my diet a little:

    If you can buy plain yoghurt in bulk and make your own flatbread/pizza dough with (self-made) self-raising flour and salt to taste. 1 cup yoghurt and 1 cup flour is the basis, depending on the yoghurt you need a little more or less flour, the dough is like pizza dough. You can freeze it and also store it in the fridge.

    I made rolls and (garlic) naan out of it already. It also works with vegan yoghurt and whole wheat flour. You can also add spices or other things to spice it up.

    So far it has been one of the cheapest and easiest bread recipes I ever found that also tastes nice.

  4. I love honeycrisp apples theyre my fave! I was just at my grocery store and they were $3.99/lb and they all looked pretty old and beat up 😞.. Good job getting them under $1/lb!

  5. Just found your You Tube Channel..Binge Watching, Adore you so much!!!!@..Our state, city is in a bad covid way..You Are making my heart less stressful .Weve all had this cruddy covid.. lost my job, single mom with 2 boys trying to go to college.So needed this inspiration!! ..Thank You So Much For helping my hopeleness…
    P.S….. Cabernet is less dry…Good choice! 🤗🙏🍲

  6. Omg I can’t believe how cheap everything is where you live! I see the prices in so many of your videos and I’m so jealous! Plus tax is on 6%!?!? That’s crazy! Here in Canada it’s 13%! You get fruits and veg and beans for like 60 cents where as here $3 would be on sale 😭

  7. I admire you and I’m disappointed you did not wear a mask in the store, especially because you were talking (spreading droplets) the whole time. It would have been hygienic and considerate. Whoever filmed you was an additional, unnecessary person potentially spreading virus in the store. There was a man in the background wearing an N95. The store was empty. People were concerned. I hope you will now limit your YouTube activities to your home.

    You inspired me to buy economical two-pound packages of shredded mozzarella and cheddar jack today, and I’m single! I had gradually bought extra eight-ounce packages to freeze during the pandemic and am almost finished with them. I will apportion these large packages into Ziplocs, label, and freeze.

  8. I am from the Netherlands and I am shocked how expensive your groceries are, we pay at least half for our groceries. And we make around 1600 minimum salary. I complained before over the price for groceries over here, but from now on I will be thankful that I can shop here 🙏🏼 I really love your channel and your family. Be blessed and stay safe also for your family, sweet greetings from the Netherlands 🇳🇱

  9. @Frugal Fit Mom my dad put the Cabernet in his spaghetti sauce. His was the best. I just tried to copy his recipe and it was the wine that made it delicious beyond belief. Like fancy Italian restaurant good! And cook low for long time!

  10. Food is super cheap in America! I am in Ireland and am a frugal shopper but…. Wow! Those potato’s 😳we eat them practically everyday here and they are double the price you paid. And in the summer, the new fresh ones? You’d nearly need a loan to buy them.

  11. in the NYC , for my family of five, i easily spend 260 worth of groceries that last us only about 4 days . you got a great system going , i’m definitely taking notes. thanks for sharing

  12. I live on Maui and I’m LUCKY if I spend less than $300 a week for my family of 5. Oh boy do I miss living in rural America 😂😂 love these videos!

  13. It's so infuriating that the dairy farmers out West & egg farmers down South were having to dump milk & eggs, while in NYC everything was sold out. People were literally driving trucks out of state, coming back with truck-fulls & selling these things at street carts. The problem was the when the restaurants closed, there wasn't a way for grocery stores to contract with farmers to get the leftover food I guess

  14. I would really consider wearing a mask when you go out, even if your state doesn’t have a ton of cases. You never know who might be rolling into town, and some people might not know if they’re carrying the virus! I recently went to a very small town in the Midwest with very few cases (I wore a mask, was as safe as I could be, but no one around was wearing one) and I ended up getting Covid. Also, I like to wear a mask to be considerate 🙂 if it makes others feel safer, I’m happy to do it!

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