Now You Know: Being Black in America | The Daily Show

From unequal access to vaccines to unequal access to housing to unequal access to mental health services. Here’s a look at the Black experience in America.


  1. hearing a black man who owns a 27.5 million dollar home in bel air talk about how oppressed black people are in america tell us more how racism hold blacks like you back i mean you only make 16 million a year after only being in america 10 years

  2. Bait PR propaganda. Why is White Media and white people black people trying to get black folk to take the jab?? All you should be talking about is exposing White Supremacy lies and CUTTING THE CHEQUE for black aka "Reparations"

  3. We don't NEED nor WANT the vaccine anyway!!! Its all created to change our DNA! Don't allow amerikkka to coerce you into believing you need this vaccine!! Not unless you're ready to die! Think about it.

  4. Dude white people will do anything another white person tells them without even thinking or questioning it and thats what the forces that be hope for and it works whie people are very gullable when told things from another white person and thats sad

  5. I think that companies want "black" employees to solve the problem.
    There's a lot more conversation going on, than basic actions.

    The fixes will likely help everybody, because the problems are universal, but disproportionally affect some groups.
    Gang Mentatlity, intentionally overlooked by most large companies.

  6. The opposite is true in Miami. Most clinics are in mostly black areas.
    Many of my black friends are very scared of the vaccine. Carribean born friends seem much more afraid than continental born US friends. Only Peizer &

    Moderns are available. I had to start over. It's much safer to get it than risk. the long term effects of CoVid IMHO. After thousands of hours of research.

    It's not a racial or gender issue. It's a once in a century lethal pandemic.

  7. How about the Loretto Hospital Administrators in Chicago that took the vaccine from the Black community to residents in the Trump Tower and the Administrator's family members living in affluent suburbs?

  8. Read Medical Apartheid by H. Washington. If the mainstream media says go right, go left. They are desperate to get these injections into people’s bodies however where is the safety data on who is most at risk for side effects so those people can be offered alternative? Since when is one medicine the answer for EVERY SINGLE PERSON. wake up people.

  9. Sorry Bro' this hidden ad for getting the jab 🤔 JUST isn't going to work 😕…, AIN'T taking the poison 💀shot🤷🏿‍♀️… NEVER!!!

  10. Your uncle is not a dr. And neither is Bill Gates. Melinda Gates said African Americans and Native Americans should be vaccinated first. She's not a dr either. Something is rotten in Demark

  11. Everyday I wake up I put my victim socks on in my victim's shoes and my victim pants in my victim shirt and then I have a nice bowl of victim flakes. And then it's on to go peacefully protest the local Target store they got some new TVs in

  12. Yeah but the black people being reluctant to get vaccinated clearly isn't because they are aware of the history of medical mistreatments that occurred 80-170 years ago….

  13. Hospital staff take care of the most Noisy people first! Coloured people and especially women will put up with so much pain without ever complaining! I've seen it too often!!!

  14. To think that black skin is thicker or blacks have a higher threshold to pain.
    Now that is the most ignorant thing coming from a community that is so book smart, no common sense

    No after seeing what blacks can do with so little and to give them the equal footing they deserve, and having a can do attitude about almost everything it is a scary scenario for those afraid of blacks.

  15. Don't listen to someone one because they are not a doctor……

    A doctor says don't take vaccines
    (immediately discredited by the media and disbarred from his or her profession) 🥴
    Am I right?

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