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  1. Cuomo the Dumbo is a bold face liar. Its your roll as governor to get off your butt and do your own work for your state. You have a wimpy attitude about everything. Be a man instead of a crying little boy. And then you don't appreciate what has been done for you and your state. The people of New York does, but you DON'T!

  2. New York City, you stay strong and safe and keep up the social distancing, as a responsible civic duty, all of us other state look up to you, and you and inspire us with your strong will and should be proud! Millions of prayers are given to you all. Governor Cuomo really know what he’s talks about and knows what the people need and want to hear, if he ran for president I would surely vote for him in an instance. Keep it up nyc and stay safe!

  3. Gov Cuomo, where is your face mask? In side of room you do not take face mask and ask other people take mask? Shanghai, China have more people in the city and more close with Wuhan, they only have around 600 case and 7 people pass away. How many case do New York have? one month ago Shanghai already reopen, when does New York reopen? If you want New York reopen more quick, please take your face mask first.

  4. Sounds like his quarantine is filled with people and gathering and food. His daughter brings her boyfriend. He has NO IDEA what most people live like when he is demanding they stay home alone.

  5. wow … this dude would seriously be an amazing president. no offence to trump. how can we get Cuomo to reconsider and run for president?!

  6. There is no disputing what he is saying. He breaks it down for even the smallest of minds. So there Mr. Trump do you understand your role in testing now????!!!!

  7. The only testing in NJ is in Northern NJ South Jersey and the shore areas are not being tested. So don't trust the statistics relating to Jersey its only half the state.

  8. God is in control..Always was always will be..Got Jesus??? Need2 Romans.10:9-10 kjv bible says.That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in thine heart that God hath raised Him from the dead thou shalt be saved.Repent World if you havent.i did research on this slurry soup, of this contains all the viruses n diseases w we've ever had.!!! My opinion is they want depopulation, and the found the or not you want to catch a ride on this bus is up to you..You choice but who ever takes this vaccine is in for one bumpy ride..Not to mention it's long term effects..from what I read about the side effects.they make the people on the walking dead series look like a walk in the park.minus the safe distancing..thought I'd through that in there for a little sence of Bats the fruit bat..hmmm.GODblz Bsav out there!! LivnluvinCHRIST.Love paula h

  9. there are cases just hasn't been reported yet… be safe n stay aware of truth n false reported information. this virus is much deeper than what we are being told.

  10. The very wise Governor and if I were in New York I cannot mention much then voting him in again. A great responsibility and the Governor is taking so much wise responsibility and I in NZ it gets much better every day.

  11. Well this pandemic has compromised myself and my wife and our lives even if the virus does not effect me i returned from work to find out from the people we rent from a couple and there to children who are like family to me and my wife that they were self quarantine the house they gave us the option to stay i chose to go and told them my wife is my life can she stay so she did there's no way she ever be homeless so im homeless and working to pay her rent crazy i know but i just recovered from a nine month surgery so im praying I've been on the irs books foor 36 years paying taxes single mind you

  12. Even lying politicians can level up. But you have to dispense with the politics! At some point they’ll realize it’s imperative to be honest and forthcoming for sake of saving lives.

  13. When Trump came into office President Obama set him up for success. PRESIDENT Obama had turned the economy around from where he had come into office and made it strong I dont agree with all of President Obama's actions but he and his administration did a great job. Trump came in and took credit for all the work that had been done. We have been told that Trump spends his time watching TV and looking for praise he makes NO real decisions he lies constantly. Trump blames and redirects that's his leadership style if he is so great he will lead the USA out of the financial wreck let's see Trump lead the USA back to stability. The stimulus is a band aid let's see him put in work on the economy that he took credit for.

  14. 4/19/20 Deaths
    World – Reg. Flu 350,000 Corona 160,818
    USA – Reg. Flu 62,000 Corona 39,015
    Italy – Reg. Flu 68,000 Corona 23,227
    New York – 17,071
    California – 1,148
    USA – Spanish Flu 675,000 from 1918 – 1919
    USA – Suicide 47,000 per year 130 per day
    USA – Car Accidents 44,000 per year 120 per day
    USA – 7,500 Die Avg. per day
    USA – 11,000 Born Avg. per day
    What to do, Keep the faith, Get the Flu Vaccine,
    Slow down and Never tailgate.
    Oh, and wash your hands !!!

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