New York Gov. Cuomo holds a briefing on the coronavirus outbreak – 4/27/2020

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo holds his daily press conference on the Covid-19 outbreak, which has infected more than 288045 people across the state, …


  1. You can see the stress in his face increase with each picture. I hope he stays well. We need him. Today, in Suffolk county, the hot spot in NY, there was a herd of Trump supporters screaming anti-Cuomo crap. Frigging knuckle draggers.

  2. Covid 19 Death rate stats mean nothing unless you compare them to total death rate and historical death rate. That goes for most of the stats. You need to compare them to prior years and yearly flu stats. Quit misleading the public. Also, it's likely that all deaths from flu and Covid19 are being lumped together for political or financial reasons.

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  4. Wonder why so many billions of NY dollars benefit other States when the poor areas in New York are not properly serviced – poor quality of schools, hospitals, sanitation and the “last” to get tested for Covid 19. 🤔🤔🤫🤫

  5. Bitchy mitchy a TAKER. YOU ARE a Republicon con, always have been. THIS LOW LIFE REPUBLICON with low information spouted off about $$$$$ while thousands and thousands of Americans are dying. This, from the poorest state in the country. $hame on Moscow Mitch.

  6. Miss McConnell…aka Moscow Mitch is the poster girl for political corruption. He is as far from being a public servant as one can get. He's acquired millions, along with the millions his Chinese father-in-law gave him and his "wife," Elaine Chou. Question is WHY does a burned out, crusty, miserable old blow bag like Miss McConnell continue to stink up OUR GOVERNMENT? Investigate. Investigate. Investigate. As for KY., I have no problem with our brothers and sisters there, but instead of NY PAYING the way forever, time to have Moscow Mitch DONATE MILLIONS to his fellow UNEMPLOYED KENTUCKIANS. GIT 'ER DUN, bitchy mitchy.

  7. Absolutely genius how they’re going to open up a community that can’t even get their hands on sanitizers and disinfectant wipes…unless you go to the hospital of course, plenty there.

  8. Bernadette is either too young or too dumb. Yes, nursing homes transfer patients to hospitals all the time. Yes, the Mission is a federal ship and has its own protocols for accepting patients.

  9. No one can truthfully say that Andrew Cuomo is not ready to be President of the United States! He is on the front lines during this pandemic. Not in an underground bunker safe from his detractors as well as the virus! President/General Eisenhower HATED Generals in bunkers!

  10. If you really want to help the latino and black communities in new york. Cancel or reduce the rent for a few months. You are right about we paying the highest price during Covid 19. So now it is the time to show your empathy with the community.

  11. you are presidential material. You bullet pointed things so that it can be understood at the granular level. It was clear and concise. This is the information and explanation we need from our President and never get it. Mr. Governor, we are blessed to have you. Please…. lead our country in four years. We have a malignant narcissist who is incompetent to run the country now. We need you.

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