Navy SEAL Debates Liberal on Defunding The Police

Shawn Ryan of “Vigilance Elite” and “The Shawn Ryan Show” former Navy SEAL and CIA Contractor debates a liberal / democrat on defunding the police.


  1. This is a really hard watch but man is it good. You both make very well thought out points. If politicians were able to talk like this maybe we'd actually come up with some compromises in the government that actually can get things done. This is a good vid

  2. No one to uphold laws- becomes anarchy and breaks down civilization. I would not want to be a law enforcement officer. It makes me sick the lack of empathy people have for their dangerous occupation. I grew up in a big city.

  3. According to Washington Post data base, 30 unarmed black civilians were killed by cops between 2015 and 2020, with most if not all of those being justified shootings, out of a total of 53 million interactions PER YEAR between cops and civilians (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2017 data). It's extremely uncommon, although the media would have you believe that there is a rampant police killing spree in progress. So over 5 years, there would be an estimated 250 million interactions with 30 unarmed black civilians shot. But because the media screams racism while refusing to cover the fact that black-on-black and white-on-white murders are most frequent homicides, we get calls for defunding. If anything we need more training, more police for high-crime areas, and more funding to pay for additional coverage of these areas with trained police.

  4. Im so sick of soldiers and cops being equated.. Soldiers are better trained and are actually placed in war zones. Cops barely know the law and deal with civilians. Who they treat them like criminals even when they aren't accused of a criminal they will how hound harass lie and question until they find something to criminalize you. Anytime you give someone the authority and free reign that police have – far more than solders get it going to lead to corruption and problems… and family don't bust down your door in the middle of the night with a warrant they got fraudulently

  5. That Taylor info he is saying is incorrect. They were there to search for dope. The boyfriend was in jail but he and her were on tape setting up drug transporting using her place as the hold over.

  6. 59:26, This idiot didn't even think this through. Maybe the reason you need less hours to become a police officer is because they are badly needed. You don't need barbers urgently. You know how many hours you needed to become a soldier in ww2? Zero hours. Increase their training and suddenly you will have much less cops. What could go wrong? US doesn't have a cop problem, it has a bad attitude civilian problem.

  7. Per the FBI: "There have been 56,034 assaults against law enforcement officers in 2019, resulting in 17,188 injuries."

    Training and gear saves police.

  8. I think the biggest problem humanity faces as a whole is that we have overridden nature's ability to weed out the weak and stupid. For millenia the humans too dumb, lazy, and weak to survive just didn't. Now we coddle them, pay for them to live their slovenly lifestyle, and worst of all, allow them to vote and decide policy for the rest of civilization. I say we start removing warning labels and doing other things to slowly balance this out or else we will all continue to suffer as the dumb start to outnumber the smart more and more.

  9. I had an uncle that was a cop. He was trying to make an arrest on a suspect when said suspect tried taking out a gun. My uncle went for the taser, but it failed because it didn't get through the guy's heavy coat. The suspect proceeded to take the gun out and killed my uncle because my uncle made the decision to go for the taser and not his own firearm.
    I am so glad there's people like this Navy Seal that understands exactly the kind of threats police face and can understand that they're humans too. Not defending the actual rotten apples, but understanding that sometimes there's good people that made a bad call. AND that civilian responsibility seems to be so commonly overlooked

  10. This may be the first of many comments I make on here I'm not sure. I put off watching this video for a while even though the title and the intro intrigued me, because the introduction also made me cringe. Maybe it's the way it's edited I'm not sure but it seems like there may be some coverage of some pretty parochial ideological positions and standpoints here that have been covered before ad nauseam and are not going to really contribute anything constructive to understanding this problem on both sides.

    That being said I did work watch the first couple few minutes and I find the first set of Statistics thrown out by the liberal individual in this interview to be a little troubling. What is the point of comparing the number of police deaths due to interaction with felony situations versus the number of people they shoot? It's obvious there are four more people committing crimes in the civilian population comparatively than there are police, so the people getting shot by police are not just randomly getting shot most likely they're being shot because they are having interactions with police where they are not cooperating, they're in the commission of a crime or or there are some other circumstances it required law enforcement to respond and interact with them.

    Just a straight comparison is a false equivalency fallacy unless he wants to flush this comparison is statistical analysis out more. Why would you compare those numbers? Here's the problem with these kind of analytics and these kind of reasoning by analogy exercises that are done on both sides of the political debate. When you start comparing these non sequitur statistics you bring in a situation where you're confusing people as to why you would want to compare those numbers. Now there's a whole lot of reasons why those numbers could have that disparity, maybe police or more skilled at shooting felons and people committing crimes than the people committing crimes.

    But you see none of this has gotten into it's just the space kind of subjective comparison of numbers without any context and it creates false connotations. This is the most base form of Cultural Marxist and or technocratic argument and it's not an argument because it's a pretty invalid kind of position because of the fallacy I already mentioned. Fallacies and contradictions do not occur in nature they occur in the minds of men and they are there from false or bad reasoning or they are lies and manipulation.

  11. When you have people pouring over the border and many children are they refused to see that it is a crisis. The results of this being allowed to happened
    Is the intended result. When Trump was president the children were said to be in cages. Now that Biden is president now they are in protective custody or some nicely worded term. Since lib policies do not allow for well paying jobs to be created they want entry level jobs to pay well because the education system is inadequate purposely so as to not allow anyone to rise to their full potential.

  12. The way it is happening it is by designed to happen. Don’t give cops proper training on purpose. Leave a cop on the force that should not be on purpose.
    Give a no knock warrant to the wrong address on purpose. Create on purpose instances that are used to push a narrative.

  13. Of the civilians killed by police how many were justified…..don't just count who was killed see how many were justified….. Those statistics are stupid

  14. Try to tell me this interviewer doesn’t know that the guy was tazed multiple times and pounding the cops then going to go into his vehicle after being told repeatedly to stop. There was a knife in the car in the area that he was reaching to. Also he was about to kidnap those two kids. They were not in his legal custody. The interviewer is purposely misleading the seal to get the answers he’s looking for. Typical.

  15. Why are they talking about Breona Taylor when they don't even have all the facts. She was a drug dealer under investigation for awhile. And dude didn't get a scratch on him because he hide behind her when the firing started

  16. It wasn't bad intelligence about Breonna's residence, she kept showing up in the six months of surveillance and was mixed in with the guys selling drugs. One of which opened fire on the officers who returned it and ended up shooting her. The other about the guy who had just assaulted his girlfriend had the police called because he stole her car keys and debit card and didn't respond to police commands, then was shot as he was was reaching for a knife in the car with her kids inside. It was irritating listening to half truths that conveniently left out crucial pieces of information without providing all the facts.

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