Nate Diaz Smokes Joint at UFC 241 Workouts – MMA Fighting

At UFC 241 workouts, Nate Diaz made quite an entrance Wednesday afternoon at the Honda Center in Anaheim. Subscribe: Check out our …


  1. Nate has said many times he smokes weed, THC filled weed, sometimes people are in the mood for only CBD, please shut up about UFC if you don’t pay any attention, that’s a potent doobie in his mouth, and hell yea to that

  2. Fellow fighters,
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  3. Yeah that's it the UFC is promoting drugs and alcohol Good job Dana White is now a contributor to the poison that's in America yeah they're promoting it look this is his top fighter Nate… and in this video you see him promoting drugs and if you're going to go work out and get into a real martial art competition why would you bring drugs and alcohol and why are you promoting it cuz the UFC is trying to act like they're cool but really they're looking stupid and I'm exposing how they cheat and rig fights all the time just so they can build names and sell fights we all know the truth and the truth will be exposed

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