My K2/Spice "Synthectic Marijuana" addiction story and the Lasting Long term effects its Had on me

Explaining the story of my spice addiction. By far the worst substance you can consume in my opinion. It took me years to come back to earth from the mental …


  1. I like, you are definitely keeping it real. My roommate is whacked on K2 and I'm about to evict him. I feel super bad tho!!! He's a nice guy with real problems. On another note, you mentioned your disassociative experience and how the roof was removed. Well damn, I can relate to that one from an acid trip of mine.

  2. Fuck man, I was thinking about buying a bag tomorrow im on paroll right now & most likely I might be on probation for the next 2-3 years not even sure yet, Ive been smoking weed ever since I was 13 y/o & now that I can't Im just like looking 4 anything alike…I'm starting to have second thought rn

  3. dude….AM 2201 OMG! Spice was insane….I was so addicted….I also smoked a lot of K2 Summit and other early K2 variants, White Rabbit, Joker, and Magic Buzz, I would stay up all night playing Battlefield 3 on Xbox 360
    I remember the site I ordered from, there was a huge drug bust involved in, and the site got shut down
    I was addicted from 2011 to 2014, it took the lord to get me off it. No joke.
    Good video, its important to talk about this stuff. it is not well documented. I still deal with long term effects to this day as well
    I went through the same bad trips as you with insane heartbeat rates and crazy dizzyness…It was terrible, gave me PTSD
    anxiety, panic attacks, disassociation
    Hope all is well, stay safe man…

  4. Thank you for sharing your experience with this. I tried it once or twice in college back in like 2011 and then again a few times in 2014, before I realized it had become illegal and super dangerous. I'd agree that it got worse over time and that the high is way different than weed. I also watched a cousin and a few close friends get addicted to it, lose a ton of weight, then switch back to pot, then back to spice/k2 in 2015 and it was scary. The first time my cousin smoked it after having switched to pot for like 9 months I literally thought she was going to die. She slumped over, seemingly unconscious with vomit coming out of her mouth. When we got her to wake up she went into this psychotic rage, screaming at all of us and trying to choke her boyfriend with the chain he was wearing around his neck. They didn't stop smoking it though and got hooked again, at least for a few years. My cousin stopped talking to me when I confronted her about it in 2016. I don't know if they're still using but I think they are because I've noticed the same symptoms they had when they were addicted in the past (weight loss, loss of appetite, etc.). I was wondering if you could tell me more about the long term effects you experienced?

  5. Thanks for your video. I’m just tryna learn about this drug. I have a family member who just relapsed after a year of being clean, working, and overall doing very well. He was fighting this shit for 10 years before getting clean. I just wanna understand this drug and what I can do to help him before it continues to go downhill… but again thanks for your honest video. I watched the whole thing lol. Congratulations I can tell you’re very strong!

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