MPs debate whether cannabis should be legalised for personal use

Green MP Chloe Swarbrick argues it’s time to reduce the harm caused by a drug market controlled by criminals. National MP Paula Bennett says there isn’t …


  1. There's already enough drop kicks in nz if they legalize it there's going to be a tonne off bums stoned on the street everyday

  2. She just came back from Canada and has seen how it all works and the near-zero negative effects it has on the culture over there. She has seen how the shop fronts work. What the fuck is she actually talking about

  3. Paula Bennett is a complete flake. Thousands have used from age 15 and no personal problems and live a full life. This is rabid scaremongering! This woman is a disgrace. The human body is loaded with cannabiniod receptors and it is natural for them to receive cannabinol for health and homeostasis. Typical National Party response because they aren't in the drivers seat! Thank God!

  4. Why don't they interview someone with years of experience in this matter.I am living evidence of this subject having smoked cannibis since 13yrs of age,I am 48 now.l work in a hard physical job as a shearer.l have criminal convictions for growing for personal use and possession for which I done some time in jail.These convictions have affected me being able to travel overseas.In my life so far all the bad things I've done to myself or others have been a direct cause by alcohol.Cannibis has done exactly the opposite.I haven't been to a doctor for about 15 years now.Listening to the drival coming out of Paula Bennett's pie hole makes me sick she has no experience in this matter and should not dictate decisions on this matter.l for one will never listen to her garbage and will continue smoking this wonderfull plant!

  5. "Second-hand" smoke is almost impossible to get a significant effect from. About the only way is in a small, enclosed space, like a car or a shut closet, with two or more people smoking heavily. — There are no significant harms of "first-hand" marijuana smoke. – The fear of children, or adults, getting health significantly affected by wisps of smoke, already filtered by the primary smokers lungs, is irrational. – You suffer far more harm from breathing exhaust fumes at a busy intersection, or a thousand other truly toxic fumes in the air.

  6. When you say, "Marijuana is not less impairing than alcohol," — YOU ARE LYING! — One study shows impairment on a scale of 1 to 16. – 1 equals no drugs and no impairment. 16 equals the impairment from alcohol. On that scale of impairment, marijuana comes out at 2! – It is so close to zero impairment, it does not significantly affect driving skills.

  7. Marijuana is not alcohol. The preponderance of the research shows marijuana consumption is NOT a significant cause of auto accidents.

    In 2015, the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, found that while drunken driving dramatically increased the risk of getting into an accident, there was no evidence that using marijuana heightened that risk.

    In fact, after adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, the report found that drivers who had recently consumed marijuana were no more likely to crash than drivers who were not under the influence of any alcohol or drugs.

    Studies show medical marijuana law states have lower traffic fatality rates compared to states that haven’t legalized.

  8. Keeping marijuana illegal is a way of lying about the imagined "harms" of marijuana. When you lie to teens, they find out the truth and then disbelieve our warnings about the hard drugs and REALLY get into danger! — We MUST re-legalize and regulate marijuana no more restrictive than we do alcohol.

  9. Marijuana has NO lasting effect on developing brains – or mature ones. — Children shouldn't consume it simply because it is an adult experience. Children don't have the maturity to handle it, just as with all adult behaviors.

  10. Being "locked up" is not the worst harm of the fraudulent prohibition. – It's the bogus "criminal record" that destroys people's lives. – The preponderance of the research shows marijuana is NOT a significant cause of auto accidents. – Science shows marijuana has NO significant harms. It's PROHIBITION that puts marijuana into children's hands. – Legal, licensed vendors don't sell to minors.

  11. Why are they not referring to the stats and opinions of the Netherlands? They have decriminilised cannabis for 40 years and understand the impact of this process better then anyone else.

  12. What are any of them, other than TOP, proposing to do about alcohol? Raise the age to 20 [to align it with cannabis] and increase the price of liquor to pay for the untold harm it does.

  13. Bennett is towing the Party Line designed to retain National's Right-Wing Conservative voter base. Simple. There is no need whatever for this to make sense.

  14. Pullya Bennett is totally out of her depth and if she has anything to do with it ,it will never happen ,talk about dodge the real answers making my blood boil just listening to her

  15. Chloe's a bad spokesperson for cannabis legalisation. Extend medicinal and decriminalization, a full cannabis market has no place in New Zealand.

  16. Here is my take on it they and other politicians have never addressed my biggest concern I am all for legalisation but at the same time I want to see rules around alcohol to to address its harm. What they did not address is the mental health affects that this drug causes to the human brain in people younger than 25 years old. I admit they are never be able to make the age older than 20 but they also need to address the mental health issues it will cause some and especially those who start smoking at a younger age.

  17. Paula is 50/50 on the subject, BUT, it's and this, "I" don't know, "I" don't like that. With her saying, "But, a definite NO", is a tone of being negative and calling it a problem..Legalising it outright solves everything…Unfortunately, as usual, IT"S ALL ABOUT THE MONEY". They'll never admit it, but underneath their breaths, they are telling the world what they are really thinking…

  18. Disappointed with Chloe. She gave Paula the ability to say "well actually.." about the amount of people locked up for cannabis, when it doesn't matter how many are locked up, it matters how many are arrested and charged, which is a violation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights Article 9, contrary to what Paula would like you to think.

  19. I think Chloe just called everyone under 20 stupid…also how come I can go on a full on bender when I turn 18 but have to wait until I'm 20 to smoke weed

  20. The bar for standards in this country could not be set any lower. What's next? Making sure every child at Kindy has a cannabis brownie for morning tea? Lmao! It honestly wouldn't surprise me at this point. Whatever.

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