MN Sen. Dr. says reported coronavirus deaths may be off

Minnesota Senator and Doctor Scott Jensen say he received a seven-page document from the Minnesota Department of Health on how doctors should go about …


  1. Not only is the data wrong, I see New York deleted a block of reported deaths after the fact days later…. Here's the raw data, but not reflecting this change in the official graphs… Shady!

    2020-04-03 3594
    2020-04-04 4290
    2020-04-05 4951
    2020-04-06 4698 <——- THIS HAPPENED TODAY!
    2020-04-07 5489
    2020-04-08 6268
    2020-04-09 7067
    2020-04-10 7867

  2. Whats interesting is how we were looking at .0019ish as a death rate after ppl kept talking numbers and within days its around 3%…this just so happens to be the original estimate of 2-4%

  3. Many of Jensen's concerns are increasingly shared by others……….. Padded numbers and other irregularities about COVID-19 have been increasingly reported for over one month, albeit hardly disseminated. The public need to awaken about what is REALLY going on. Do not allow yourselves to become a tool of those controlling this beyond exaggerated virus, ultimately your freedom, your very life which, may I add, did not make itself know by accident, nor out of a bowl of soup……

    Thank you Scott Jensen, MD.

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