Microdosing: The Benefits, Risks, & Unknowns w/ Jim Fadiman & Ayelet Waldman

From Silicon Valley to the living room, people have been self-experimenting with microdosing: taking sub-perceptual doses of LSD or psilocybin mushrooms.


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  2. This is really quiet, can you please do something to amp the volume up more and never upload something this quiet again, I would love to listen to this and unfortunately I can’t hear a damn thing.

  3. I'm afraid of losing people i love and about the future. I worry a lot. Don't have panic attacks. I am depressed. Now I wonder after saying people with anxiety rather don't use it… Is this me? Pfff

  4. 1:15:14
    "It is not being optimistic to recognize the essential unity of human beings, animals, plants and minerals…
    but it sure changes your world view when you realize that, and you are much less likely to destroy something that is part of you, and that seems to me a good idea." -Jim Fadiman

  5. You can't overdose on magic mushrooms. I took 3 large doses at once and it was like DMT on steroids. Needless to say, I left my body and explored the universe and the past and future. Make sure you have no obligations on the day you choose to take them. Enter the trip in a decent mood with no expectations. I didn't trip at all for a solid year and a half after that one. I think it's the most astonishing thing you could possibly see. The most powerful trips need no repeating.

  6. I have had a Severe head injury back in September 2017. So after the titanium skull placed in it actually corrected a lot of physical and mental symptoms. However recently I microdosed lsd in the last 3 months and it definitely helps me be much more aware of emotional and physical behaviour.

  7. For some reason, my favorite videos have about 100x fewer views than I imagine. I never check the view counts unless, in my opinion, it is a really good video.

  8. The notion of free enterprise dictates that these substances should be freely available, just as alcohol is. I suggest that people ignore the laws and use these as beneficial medicines, because the pharmaceutical industry will not allow these to be legal.

  9. All this research will take too long, these substances need to be decriminalized. The benefits of LSD and shrooms are there, whilst the most deadly drug in history, alcohol, it's legal.

  10. The social justice divider asking the question should take some psychedelics and reflect on their own agenda, hatred, and class, in addition to the suffering of all the people in our world. It would be so nice to hear from people of good will trying to lessen everybody's suffering without being interrupted by certain agendas.

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