1. I was twice falsely convicted in Merced County.  The Merced Sheriff’s department kidnapped me,
    had me beaten, and extorted money from my family.  Todd Mclean, Travis Colby, and Judge Harry
    Jacobs, made up their own rules in order to excessively order psychological
    evaluations and lie about the results.  I
    was forced into a plea for crimes I did not commit and then they made illegal
    terms and conditions of probation in order to send me to prison.  I confronted Todd about this only to have his
    girlfriend Stephanie Jamieson stalk and intimidate me.  Then, Cherie Mendenhall, Laura Parmenter, and
    Robin Baptista made up some part of their testimony in order to have me falsely
    convicted on a threat to blow up the Merced Court house in order to imprison
    me.  Vincent Andrade is the lead public

  2. What is being done about all the abandoned lives(homeless) that have been dumped in Merced County from around the country. They're not staying home. They almost out number residence in Merced County.

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