Matt Gaetz Wingman Pleads Guilty and Says He'll Cooperate with Feds: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Trump threatening to abandon his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani amid his criminal investigation and Congressman Matt Gaetz’s …


  1. Why has there been no mention of Palestine on this show? SO much has happened over there as well as between American politicians who are on opposite sides of the argument on this US-backed genocide. And yet… not one word on it. @/freepalestine

  2. Interesting. One would think Gaetz if found guilty, he would be a hero for all of you on the left and in pedowood. You have been pushing for legalized prostitution and to lower the age of consent for awhile now. Even got the 25-15 rule in place

  3. You keep saying, "all Republicans"… You really need to get Jeb Bush on your show to talk about his founding of RAT N his direct involvement in The Lincoln Project. There are Republicans standing against Trump N you SHOULD make a note of it.

  4. Notice. How. Quick. After GAETZ calls out DEMS CORRUPT and need to be looked at. Was bringing things out that held merit. . This investigation went to GAETZ and off hunter and. Cuomo. Theirs just gone. Yet this is a big deal. . Amazing how DEMS. Work , I mean own and work the system!!! U have and are expected to go ALONG to get ALONG. Forget what u saw or heard.

  5. Remember: these are the men and women that Trumtler hand-picked to be part of his inner circle. He chose them for their loyalty and specific skills, including ability to do successful cover-ups, money laundering, deal with shady characters, deny all corruption, incite insurrections, deny insurrections, ……

  6. FAKE NEWS as usual.
    Here your criminals.
    It's a sad Day in America when we are now under (Communist CONTROL)
    The Democrats are Now the SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST PARTY.
    FAKE NEWS! LETS talk about this!
    Did you know that the Capital Riot was PLANNED  by the socialist/Communist and the FAKE NEWS and Antifa, if not what was John Earl Sullivan doing in the Capital with a CNN Girl posing as a CNN camera man, Go to look it up.
    ( and there's a lot more evidences to. Their were about 100 plus Antifa and Black lives matter.
    Wow! IMPEACHING a president ( 2 ) times for NOTHING Is a Crime.
    Crimes committed by BIDEN:
    1) QUID PRO QRO with Ukraine and China.
    2) And Getting millions of DOLLARS from Ukraine and China and Russia. ( TREASON )
    Let's talk about Harris:
    How did she get to where she is today?
    Lady of the night ( Truth ).
    3)Paying money To get THESE RIOTERS BACK OUT OF JAIL to go and Riot more. This is inciting violence. She is Encouraging them to Riot, burn buildings, killing, Antifa take over police stations and SHE SAID That We're not going to stop now and we are not going to stop after the election either (Inciting Riots )(Insurrection Act)
    And look what God has to say about her
    Read Revelation 17: 4  WOW.
    4) Let's talk about Eric Swalwell sleeping with a China Spy. (TREASON) NOTHING  Done.
    5) Let's talk about Maxima Waters inciting her supporters  to commit violence against America. ( TREASON ) NOTHING Done.
    6) BIDEN Sign a executive order to pay for Abortion for FOREIGN COUNTRIES
    7) Did you know right now China has 1 million muslims locked up in prison.
    Because of their believes.
    8) Did you Know: That the BIDEN administration has joined back in with China and giving them BILLION of our TAX DOLLARS to continue  their research on the China virus after they has Killed over 500 Thousand Americans, 
    Instead of barking up a tree where's their is nothing, start doing your DAM- job instead of FAKE NEWS.
    ( God Said to  Read  )
    Read 2nd Timothy 4: 3
    Read Proverbs 6: 16 – 19
    Read Matthew 7: 13- all
    You all will stand before God for your SINS AGAINST America.

  7. Aren't you disgusted by all the sex trafficking going on both sides, teaching little children sex ed . lgbtq in schools, porn, hollywood, and even in the Church or you just happy its a Trump supporter?

  8. You would think if His Loser were to be arrested you would enlist the help of the Secret Service agents always with him. I mean they aren't private bodyguards that would fight off cops, they are federal agents who's top priority is following the law of the land, with the second priority of protecting the ex pres.: they won't break the law to protect His Loser.

  9. BYE Matt. Be nice to the guards. I called Bubba, and he
    said he's got this. He said somthing about a cell mate and a cement floor and a night’s sleep. I told him you are a dolt. He said he knows you already. OK, enjoy your trip to prison Matt. Keep notes, you will have lots of time to write a book.

  10. The irony about all this sin-sniffing by liberals is that they actually believe they are getting away with their lies and crimes without any consequences coming back to them. LOL. Bwahaha. You idiots are being set up for the biggest fall in human history…and dont even know it. You can't cheat 80,000,000 voters and survive it. How long do you think its going to take to cancel everything you THINK you are achieving? How are you going to hold back the tide of retribution in 2022….2024…..2026….2028? How? Tick, tock. Tick, tock.

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