1. Dan, a question: is there anything into checking out what different stocks are doing on the Frankfurt SX? (right now ex. CGC is up almost 4% on there…) and thanks for that double feature!

  2. Thank you so much for your work! Really appreciate it! I have a request! I think it would help the beginners if you could possibly not switch between CAD and US prices between the tickers. For example on this video, your APHA ticker was in CAD and your ACB was in US $$. Thanks

  3. Dan, when you say that APHA is going to break first before ACB, do you mean it's going to break Up to highs or Down to lower price? Thanks!

  4. I wanted to give a shout out to Dan and thank him for his advice yesterday, the heads up of how important it is being proactive with your trade during the first half hour after a strong upswing the day before. I would had left a lot of profit on the table if I hadn't listened to him.

  5. I'm trying to research the current cannabis industry market value vs future value. In 2016, the projection was $26 billion USD by 2025. Today, I'm seeing estimates of $150 billion USD. What do you think of projecting future value?

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