Managing your Homestead's Seed Bank May 2020

There’s room for a lot of improvement when it comes to the way I’ve kept track of — or rather, NOT kept track of — my seeds over the years. In this video, I show …


  1. This year I took all my seeds have no clue what year or even what it was and planted them all. Lol it's getting to be interesting in the garden of goody what's this???lol

  2. Glad you covered seed saving again! You did a video a while ago about it and at that point I didn't even know you could save them so long. I had some that were only a couple years old that were thrown out. NOW, I keep those babies and make sure they are good/bad. You are such a wealth of information. Thank you!

  3. I need to do this…I stored my seed in paint cans and baggies. Haven't opened those cans in years. I bought new seed for this season. So guess what I will be doing over the winter…testing old seed. Should do it when it's time to start seedlings..then they won't go to waste.

  4. Love this video. Guess I need to try some germination tests of my own. Oh, by the way, I switched over to using the "photo keepers" about five years ago. Really has cleaned up my old method of keeping seeds. I like it so well, I just take my little cases out out them in the back of the UTV and to the garden we go.

  5. I've found the best way to store seeds is to scatter the packets all over an unfinished basement (read Dungeon). March comes along and I have my own Easter Egg hunt. Anybody else have seeds for things they wouldn't eat if it was the last food on the planet? I'll boil my shoes before I eat Brussels Sprouts but I've got two packs of 'em!

  6. Interesting to see the germination tests on all the different seeds. I knew you could do the paper towel thing with beans and corn to sprout them before planting but didn't know all the other seeds would do that too. And a good book (I know you love your books!) about what do through the year is 'Month-by-Month Gardening in Indiana' by James A. Fizzell. I got it at a library book sale years ago and it is a wonderful resource that tells you what all to do with everything month by month in zone 5. It's 319 pages, divided into 11 chapters, each with its own set of calendars and charts and each month tells you about planning, planting and transplanting, watering, fertilizing, pruning and pest control. It even has planting charts on when to seed, dates to transplant, row spacing…it covers everything. Definitely worth a read if you can find a copy.

  7. Thank you! I thought I was the only one not doing a good job in this area. I did the big clean out this year – oh boy, I got surprised. So much was old and failed the germination tests. Blech This year I am rebuilding my seed storage. I'm using disposable foil loaf pans because I can stand the seed packs up. Saved seeds go into regular envelopes with the name written across the top, like the commercial envelopes. Now I need to get my calendar/journal put together to keep track of results and timings.

  8. What a great video. I loved the review and suggestions. I have a Mylar bag, a box, and some ziplocks. I have no idea what's in there right now. I guess I'll figure that out pronto. I'll do the generation tests and see who is awake. I am teaching my youngest daughter now, she is not a garener, 22 years old. I know she will need to know, so I am getting off my porch rocker and getting the yard ready. I have a 44 year old daughter who loves gardening and a 36 year-old son who is not that interested. It's time to teach the last baby how to survive with a victory garden. I would rip up the entire lawn if I could, even the one at my MIL house and put a green house up in one of them while I'm at it. I don't have an endless lifespan left, but I do have enough time to teach. Thank you Rene.

  9. I just bought some seedlings today. Now the push is on to get the garden ready! I'm not ready to start my own seedlings just yet, so anything requiring an early start I had to buy. All my seeds are old, but this being my first year with a garden here I just wasn't going to invest a lot on seeds just yet.

  10. you aren't alone…I even have seed vaults that I bought 10 yrs ago, vaccumed sealed in mylar & dark cans that I haven't opened either >.> oh well better safe than sorry and I'll be doing seed tests as well but I tend to dump my seeds in small cups of water and look for sprouts that way on my kitchen counter so I don't forget >.< works great except I'll take my chances on tiny seed starts like carrots by direct sowing dry in the ground or large containers …too much of a pain working with them wet. Best seed storage for me is to segregate into seasonal – large clear bags marked dates & then store those like files in the white food grade buckets (square works the best) and screw on gamma lids. I mean I have family heirloom photos still not put in albums…doubt I'll do that with seeds. :)o

  11. You are not alone friend. I am also guilty of the same. We have learned the hard way. I thought storing them in the house, was good enough until every seed we planted this year did not germinate. I am glad we were able to source seeds elsewhere.

  12. That was a thoroughly enjoyable relaxing listen..cute pup… And thank you for the reminders and tips. You old-time preppers and homesteaders are coming into your own right now.. and I'm really grateful you've been around all these years and can now have and share your wisdom. Thanks for all it. Regards from coffee in the uk.

  13. I loved the Magpie box so much, I just went on line and treated myself to a brand new one! I don't do this very often, but I needed something to organize my seeds besides a plastic flat basket! Yes, your sweet little girl is precious! God Bless. Be Careful out there.

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