1. If you want a cool looking video of this, check out the video 'Neutron movie of coffee making' using neutron imaging to produce a video of what is happening inside a regular aluminium pot (also the bottom part). Aluminium absorbs very few 'cold' neutrons, whereas water has a very high absorbtion coefficient. Oh yeah and the coffee will probably be radioactive after brewing that way, but you are not supposed to eat of drink in neutron scattering facilities anyway 😉

  2. I literally said right before I clicked this video, "Oh! I bet that looks cool!"
    3 minutes later, "The reason you're probably watching this is because you think it looks cool." lmao

  3. well, this just sent out a blaringly loud warning – in full unnecessary cinematic shot glory – to everone who plans to dare ask Mr. Hoffman to review their products. 🤣

  4. James:Let’s have some unnecessary cinematic shot
    Me: hell yeah that’s why I’m here


    But really like the idea,great video
    If glass can take high pressure, imagine it is entirety transparent

  5. i have 3 cup bialetti moka pot , but i have very annoying problem, i always getting coffee grounds in my cup, the coffee is not clear, i have tried different grinds, a bet coarser than espressos grind then iv tried much coarser grind and still same problem.

    What can i do?

  6. I think the biggest problem with moka pots is that they're always made partially of aluminum and it leaches into the water and therefor the espresso. Even if high aluminum consumption isn't toxic, its gross. I dont want to drink grey water/coffee. I threw mine out and just use my all glass French press and stainless steel Breville.

  7. Wait so what’s the verdict besides looking cool did it produce as good as coffee as one can expect by a guru?!

  8. If your mokapot spits, smokes and just doesn't give constant silent stream of sweet coffee, then check your gasket AND also your basket if it's perfectly round and aligned with bottom part of the brewer. Any, just even tiniest gap lets the steam flow around the basket and it escapes straight through the spout instead of building up pressure in the boiler.

  9. I wouldn't use aluminum for coffee making. coffee is an acidic beverage so it dissolves small amounts of aluminum into your drink. You probably won't be able to taste it, but drinking small amounts of aluminum every day is not good for long term health. Even if you love making coffee in a moka pot, you still don't need to resort to aluminum because there are lots of stainless steel moka pots now available. I will have to admit, though, that this pot does looks really cool when the coffee comes up the spout and overflows into the upper chamber 😉

  10. Well, with all due respect, quite frankly, I expected James to know how to use a moka pot. If you want a descent and enjoyable coffee, you should never let the water boil in a moka pot like this. It should be completely silent during the process. If the moka pot produces sounds at the end and starts spitting around, you'll get a burnt and bitter thing, no matter what kind of coffee you put into it. Will be very similar to that terrible drink that you get from any coffee maker that works with steam.

  11. Hi James. I switch to induction and to a Bialetti Induction Moka Pot. I use warm water, medium (5 out of 9) heat yet it works completely differently as the heat comes in waves, not sure when the extraction is finished. Less coffee is extracted, there is always water left in the moka pot. If I turn up the heat more coffee will come, but I am afraid I will burn it. Could you do a test with an Induction Moka pot and share the techniques?

  12. I applaud you for making sure none of us impulse buy a glass Moka pot. I thought it would be cooler as well! Still, fun to watch, and the cinematic shots were great. Wonderful edit.

  13. Are all Moka Pot's equal? I've found a very fun looking one by kamira but I really don't know if there is any real variation from one moka pot to another if that makes sense? Would be interested to hear back from someone more astute on the mater than I. Thanks all! 🙂

  14. Hello James, Do i have to use the full of the moka pot? For instance, can i make 2 cup of coffee with a 6-cup moka pot? Does it affect the taste if i do not full the coffee and water?

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