1. Yeah beard I had shitty leafy prerolls and a cbd oil container that was NOT EVEN CLOSED PROPERLY!!! And it’s not like someone cracked it open. The seal was closed on the box, but the oil container lid was not secure and half the label was unreadable from spillage. Went to see a dr for medical cannabis and received a recommendation to go see the very place and purchase the same product. I’ve since moved across Canada and now am willing to purchase my “recommendation” and try it out from a local source

  2. $50.00 for 3.5 grams=$6400.00 a pound!!Makes me feel Grand Daddy rich trimming all the pounds I grow in my basement.Never felt better to be alive and Canadian.🤘

  3. raw licorice flavour rollies are great; I dont even like black licorice, but I like the rollies. You should check out DLive for live streaming; way better than twitch

  4. The legal weed in Canada is garbage. At least in Ontario.
    It does look like they bounced it too. Knocked trichomes off. Probably saving it all for when they legalize selling concentrates.

  5. There is still pot stores online i bought 1oz of Nuken and 1oz of lemon Haze for $110 each on sale and oh my god was it ever nice u gotta shop around , got it sent from BC arrived in NB in 3 Days

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