Kamala Harris and Allyson Felix Instagram Live: Black Maternal Health

Thank you, Allyson Felix, for the real talk today about Black maternal health and equal pay—and the quarantine workout advice!


  1. Hi 👋💋❤️♥️to you kamala harris 💪🕶️👠👠❤️♥️💋cute you kamala ♥️ Tac ♥️😚 like more 💗💋😃 Love you k♥️💪🕶️👠👠💗🔃

  2. Jesus is against abortion. Democrats are for abortion. The Lord says that he can not bless America with innocent blood on their hands. Voting Democrat is voting for Abortion and shedding innocent blood. This is the Democrats ticket. Voting Democrat is voting against the heart of God. This is not about Trump, it is about voting the heart of God and God will use whomever he chooses who stands for what he stands for. President Trump is against abortion. Trump is THE WALL! Overturn Roe vs Wade! If you want God to truly bless America, then America stop shedding innocent blood. It is murder and a sin. And no murderer has eternal life or will enter heaven. Pray the heart of God and Repent Church and America from your sins. And stop being selfish. God showed me, Trump, win back in 2016 before it happened and the Lord showed me in another recent dream Trump win 2020! It is settled in heaven. John 3:16 KJV Kamala and Biden also have indictments against them for crimes against children. They are both disqualified. Arrests will be happening soon. Tell the truth Kamala. Tell the truth, Biden. Trump 2020 Win. Stop being starry-eyed. Research these people. Obama is also indicted for Crimes. Major arrests happening 2021. It's played down now not to panic the public during elections. And COVID is a cover, a distraction, and a smokescreen. Make the COVID/5G connection. Think for yourself and don't get played!

  3. Ok, people listen up. I saw this lady at the Taste Of Soul in Los Angeles in person. She did not want to speak to black people, she didn't want to shake our hands nor did she want to be around us. I was wondering why was she even there in the first place. This lady doesn't even like black people. She was so disconnected from the black people that was all around her. She was also there with a lot of suited official security officers. This lady left a bad taste in my mouth therefore, she doesn't have my vote! Bye Felicia!

  4. Hi Senator, get ready to work HARD to become the de-facto VP. Someone needs to get Joe out of the basement and take control of the face of the Democratic Party. C’mon Kamala, take control. We have to win which means we have to take control NOW. I’m rooting for you.

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