IT'S COMING!!!!! Aurora Cannabis RELIVA is HERE! TGOD and 48North! iAnthus!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I give an update on the pandemic and discuss airline issues cause by the pandemic, share some massive …


  1. Gibbs!! I’ve been with you from the beginning and now is that fated day where I beg and plead with you to do a video on Zenabis!!! I believe they may even be the MOST undervalued MJ companies of all….thoughts!?

  2. Thanks Gil, love watching your videos and listening to you cover the topics so well. I want to start investing in the cannabis space, but not sure what companies to hit up yet, still doing research. What do you think about Cannabis ETFs HMLSF and YOLO in terms of growth, performance and ability to keep paying out their dividend? Recommend them or not? Would be great if you could do a video on cannabis ETFs?

  3. Liked! Finally some comments about 48North! I want to DCA some more shares but wasn't sure how's the company is doing once their 2 CEOs Allison and Jeannette left the company. As for ACB, finally the good news. Despite so, my ACB DCA is at US 67.8, I got a long way to go or break even. Gilbert, with the US Senates approved to delisting the Chinese Stocks. What is the best approach to take, sell or hold those Stocks, particularly JD.Com? Thanks.

  4. My thoughts are that weed stocks are a good buy for the long run, but so much of it depends on many moving parts.

    For example, New Jersey, Arizona, and one of the Dakotas are voting on it.

    Also, if the democrats take the senate and the house + white house then legalization is coming soon. (I understand that Biden is only for Decriminalization, but all of his V.P. choices are for it (Kamala, Klobuchar, Abrams.)

    That said, the state referendums are the big ones to focus on as well as how governments overall focus on budget shortfalls and how they close those gaps.

  5. Can you check out TGIFF? Very undervalued company for a U.S. play. They offer everything from hemp derived CBD products to vape pens and etc. with currently no known debt. Give me your opinion on this!

  6. Good report. What is Canada doing for the average citizen? Also, if you following areo-space, I always find that opportunity for investors is expanding. The satellite company, who recently went bankrupt, will sell assets or ? Bramsen? Musk? Whats up with all the rocket guys? Thank you

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