Inside the UK's Cannabis Clubs – Self-Sustaining Cannabis Education Centre

This week on ‘Inside the UK’s Cannabis Clubs’ we’re talking to Steve Melhuish at F.A.C.E.S, in Weston. #cannabisclubsuk #ukcannabissocialclubs …


  1. I use cannabis for my cancer. It would be nice to be allowed to grow my own, without fear of punishment. It's a plant. If the government want to lockdown every other week, best way to get people to comply….let them get stoned. Be lucky people.

  2. Amazing, I don't even smoke cannabis (only while I was young) but I believe legalisation and education will help youngsters understand what may be letting themselves in for. Also it is a great opportunity to help the community and bring in some educational classes about safety, vocational courses etc
    I remember when I was in rehab. The shear number of people that could not identify certain cheap foods like vegetables etc and how to cook them on a budget was shocking. Some people just need to be taught the basics like how to chop boil or steam food to ensure a healthy Balanced diet could help them in addict and in in recovery from addiction. Iwish you all the best and I would love to come and see how you are doing! Have you got patron???

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  4. Thank God for people like this guy Iv had a problem with drugs all my life an if I had a place like this to go to I now my life would of bin a lot more productive all the best I wish you all the luck

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  6. You must have a great talent stack to be able to juggle all them balls at the same time. I wouldn't know where to start, and most likely never finish! Best of luck, I'm sure the time is right.

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