Indoor and outdoor Cannabis grow. – harvest time soon.

Here we are sitting at about week 8 of flower. Unfortunately last week was a bad one and all my plants went without water as they were not watered by the …


  1. It's just a Fucking harmless plant what is your people's problem. I been dealing with this stupid shit since 1972 when i first started smoking pot, what a bunch of assholes. My first grow was under 4ft fluorescent lights in a little 2×4 that i built out of 2×2's and paneling didn't do much but they grew. It was hydro. nice farming. and I agree 1000% alcohol is far worse.

  2. The moral of th e story is never leave youre grow to anyone not even someone WHO SAYS they know what there doing,lesson 1. Been watching youre latest grow rows, beautiful kolas my man

  3. As an indica lover, my vote goes to the XXL Cheese. Let's hope your number generator doesn't pick 420 for the contest as I bet a few growers go with that lol. To your buddy, I say WTF dude?

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