Illinois Sheriff's Association voices concerns over the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana

Illinois Sheriff’s Association voices concerns over the idea of legalizing recreational marijuana.


  1. 1. Just because some one first used Marijuana does not prove in any way that it is the gateway or the reason for there drug use it is one of personal choice.
    2. Police should have better things to do with there time then harass poor and people of color about a plant that has never killed one person The reason you have lost the drug war in the first place was because of your greed falsely accusing people of selling or possession when clearly all you want in the first place is to abuse forfeiture by
    saying some one is a drug dealer you can take there house and car and boats and other things and sell them for your police department with out having to convict some one
    or before they had there day in court you would take there money call it drug money for your own personal greed and not return the property that never belonged to you in the first place. We had a Supreme Court Judge say that this form of law enforcement was Unconstitutional and a clear abuse of police enforcement.
    3. Do you not have better things to do with your time then to harass low level or cannabis users when you could be fighting real crime. Truth is there is no proof that cannabis and driving can in any way be proved by any police officer in the country based on plain observation. I would recommend that if the police department did try this method of policing and trying to say you are under the influence that they hire a lawyer to represent them in a lawsuit agents the police department any type of harassment with out solid proof is not acceptable in any court of law anywhere in the country. Just because you are a ward of the court and justice system does not give you the right to violate anyone's rights without due prostheses of law. Clearly having the cannabis in the system does not constitute that you are beyond the legal limit or that you are so much under the the influence you are a danger to the public or your self. Just because it is in your system you can not say with 100% accuracy that you are beyond your safe control and should not operate anything. I agree with you about not driving and smoking expectantly with kids in the car with you but we also want the police to focus on real crimes and quit trying to make up laws as they see fit to harass and put some one in jail for a plant that has never killed one person. #marijuwana #Cannabis #hemp #DUI #Lawenforment#Falsearrest #Law #Court #Officers #Abuse #Norml #MPP #Legealizit 

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    You again nothing when you make some one a criminal that does not deserve to be because a police is trying to fill a quota I support police officers when they do the right thing. But when you make a criminal out of some one you wreck there life you call it doing your job but you don't think about the over all consequences of your actions. You are convicting some one to life of crime and for what so your police can get a better budget? better cars est…you pry on the poor for your own gain and this type of abuse needs to stop and you need to fight real criminals. You have better things to do then kick in some ones door take all there belongings and wreck there life this is not what you are made a policemen for you are to better the community not help make it worse by false convictions shooting people in the back jumping and choking people to death the list is long of abuse that we see from our police forces now days and i am truly ashamed to call you a good person who fights for the good of this country when you falsely abuse others rights as a policeman or woman truly is sad that you call your self some one that is working for a community you wonder why there people have turned on your department maybe you should understand the consequences of your actions more yes it is a job
    but there is right and there is wrong the only question is what side are you on. Marijuana is not addictive no more then sugar or coffee or tea this falsehood that it is addictive is far from the truth Tobacco is addictive i do not here you taking a stance agents it or what about alcohol or maybe you think candy is a gate way drug too
    diabetes the truth is education and truth about the use of products for adults these propaganda videos will not help your case because your a laughingstock to those who disagree with your point of view there is no dangers or never was No one has ever died from the use of cannabis and no one ever will one word Mr Officer Homeostasis this is how cannabis reacts to the body not in a harmful way but one that helps the body return cells and things to normal including killing cancer cells and tumors and a lot lot more. so lets talk truth if you want to talk truth No one has ever died and that is a fact in over 80 years not one overdose you cant say that for Herion, PCP Cocaine METH MMDA or any Prescription pill or Methadone So its time we treat people like people not like criminals cannabis helps people get off these type of drugs helps with withdraws and over time helps people like me kick the habit and find a better life.

  2. THC overdose?!?!?! Are you serious? You have to smoke 1000x semis to come close. You fall asleep before overdosing! Tell me of one person who has? I am waiting, reefer madness ignorant and corrupt joke!

  3. "How much a person is allowed to have?" Residents up to one ounce. Non residents half of that. There is a list stating exact amounts of everything and who can have what and how much clearly written in the bill. "What containers will be used?" The same as other states that have legalized, clearly marked child proof containers. "We only have urine tests for marijauna and it takes a long time to get those back." Paraphrase but no it's cannabis not marijauna, marijauna is a slang term from the days of reefer madness that you represent. You have mouth swab test kits that are fast and accurate which the bill also outlines the amount acceptable. There is an answer to every question. This guy and every person opposing legalization and regulation only want money.

  4. I think the Illinois Sheriff Association needs to review there Constitutional Oaths to protect Illinois Citizens gun rights…. Furthermore any restrictions on drugs is UnConstitutional per the 9th and 10th Amendment … wasn't tell the Democratics under FDR broke the Law restricting Drugs and Firearms…. then we saw Judicial Activism and UnConstitutional rulings by Judges to enforce UnConstitutional legislation passed by Congress and Signed into law by various Presidents on both parties who in doing so committed acts of Treason violating there Oath to the U.S. Constitution….but what do we dumb ass Americans Joe blow citizens know….. Oh wait the U.S. Constitution is written at a 6th Grade level so even the Dumbest American can see they are being "Tread On by Tyrannical Government Power hungry Self proclaimed employees."

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