1. I used a cbd vape pen and it completely alleviated my severe inflammation from a slipped disc in my spine. When I started keto I didn't need it anymore but it was better than taking pharmaceuticals for years and destroying my kidneys.

  2. Nice picture of depression. Never really had it, but know this realm from psychedelics, just for short moments, but enough to get the point. Not nice to have it coonstantly. I for myself like smoking CBD cannabis more than regular cannabis.

  3. Thank you Bobby, I had not considered this. I had some very disturbing times that are in the past but my mind just keeps going back (to the basement) even when relaxing etc. Its like a trojan horse or whatever – in my mind. Even when relaxing just find my mind wanders into that state – so going to give this a try and consider to take in same dose as you.

  4. Thank you for the review. Will check out Joy Organics

    Do you plan to take CBD long term or just for a short period of time? Do you think you will always need it?

  5. Haven't been watching your video's for a while… But man you look so much calmer and I can even hear in your voice that you become a more relaxed person! Happy for you man keep going with the CBD. We should all be taking CBD Vegans or Carnivores I don't care… Herbs are for the healing of the nation.

  6. Going to try it! I have sleeping problems sometimes… sometimes anxiety and most of all angryness…but which one 10% or 5%? There was a store i went in yesterday, and they sell CBD too. Didn't know what to take…

  7. I sell cbd oil and so many people have given me AMAZING feedback.
    Certainly not for everyone, but well worth å try.
    Keep cool my friend.

  8. You think just because you’ve been carnivore for some months and feel good that this wave will last forever? You don’t know what will happen long term. Remember when you said you felt amazing when you first went vegan?

  9. Im soo glad Bobby, that you have recovered fully in a very quick matter of time. Your videos are waking blindfolded people up, they are surely gratefull for your work and time. All the best of luck to you, and wishing for you to stay healthy and thriving in succes! 💪💛

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