1. Great info I took CBD with passionflowere for better sleep and it worked. one small bottle is around 30.00 How much CBD do we need daily to deal with recovery?

  2. I had a drinking binge that lasted two weeks just recently.. I have been hospitalized multiple times in the past for Withdrawal. I was sick.. Trying to taper off with Miller Lites.. Could not even hold them down.. Couldn't eat couldn't do anything.. I was scared to death I was going to have another seizure (had many in the past) .. I was at the store to find some sort of tapering off alcohol that I could hold down.. (pretty much was only going to prolong the bender) i found these CBD gummies and suckers.. I seen (total relaxation) on the packet.. The store owner realized what was going on.. I bought all my alcohol from there He seen me standing there a mess. He said this stuff is good for everything.. Take this home instead of more booze.. So I bought some.. I was shaking like a leaf but opened the packet and started eating them.. Half hour later I was eating my first meal in more than a week, The shakes were gone.. I felt total relief from the withdrawal. Honest to God.. This stuff is legit.. The anxiety was gone.. all the symptoms disappeared almost instantly. Once the shakes started to return.. I just ate another gummy and was gone..

  3. Check out the video "how to stop drinking alcohol full 8 hours audiobook" on YouTube. It help me stop drinking without any cravings and help me prevent relapse

  4. A mixture of alcohol weening and canna-butter, (yes as in cannabis), helped me out a lot.

    I found that CBD alone didn't help with the sometimes extreme anxiety I would get from withdrawal. My anxiety was usually a mixture of extreme excitement coupled with utter terror. Usually with muscle spasms, tachycardia, and delusions, (many of which I will not go into detail here). Of these symptoms though, the worst was insomnia. A lack of sleep for days and days, that heightened the other symptoms, and made things so much worse.

    By the time it was all said and done, I had lost 20 pounds and was on the brink of divorce. I did not have insurance. The only doctor I had was the one plant I had refused to have anything to do with for all my life, cannabis.

    I take it orally, and I do not take enough to be truly psychoactive. It just generally makes me relaxed enough to function and do my job through the day.

  5. yeah dont take cbd go to a doctor and take diazepam the alcohol in a pill,it binds to same receptor as alcohol,then come to find me if can stop benzodiazepines.Stay away from benzos

  6. This is gold. I was on your website too mate the info is great. My country doesnt allow importation of cbd oil (not the proper stuff anyway) and it costs 250 dollars for 20 mls on a script. Lasts a few weeks. Makes it real hard to even have it as an option. On the contrary morphine tablets cost 7 dollars a box and can do untold damage. I suffer from chronic pain and have self medicated with alcohol for 10years heavily. Ive had 3 medical detox's where they load you up on benzos and lock you away. I dont even think cbd would be allowed in the clinic. I'm having a go at detoxing myself this week with cbd. The cbd pure looks the goods, man i wish i was in the states sometimes.

  7. In case you haven't had the opportunity to remain sober for at least a couple of weeks, you might want to reevaluate exactly what you're working on. Whether you need to quit drinking permanently or learn how to have a nice cup with dinner, try doing a search for Steffon Barkload's website for a very amazing 1 hour technique that will entirely rewire your head.

  8. I’m never drinking again… two months into sobriety, detoxed at home and have been going through hell. Leave the bottle alone kids

  9. I was someone who drank very heavily all day every day and when I started smoking CBD and eating CBD in large quantities, the withdrawal process was so easy to deal with and I've had no cravings. I wish more people knew about it!

  10. CBD is a great addition to exercise and healthy eating. Helps reduce the panic and anxiety. Also take magnesium in a bath and tablet form. Helps my muscles spasm less

  11. Great info again! Just one question. It mentions that CBD reduces glutamine but I thought this was one of the recommended vitamins on another video?

  12. Miraculously, I stumbled upon the realization that my drinking of 4 to 6 beers a day, was reduced to only 1 or 2, with far less of a fiending for imbibement.
    Discovered this, after using Heavy Duty CBD cream twice a day religiously for chronic, underlying joint pain.
    Was perplexed..as noticed a correlation, but could not believe the two.
    Everyone grappling with an alcoholic daily regimen, may wish to embark on the recovery road, so smooth with CBD.

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