How To Use A Dab Straw Or Nectar Collector

Learn how to use a dab straw or nectar collector in this short how-to video. It’s as east has heat, vape, inhale. Learn more about this on our blog at …


  1. I was this year's old when I learned how to use a dab straw. Thought I was gonna be flower forever. Then, I found concentrates. πŸ€”πŸ—žοΈπŸ’¨πŸ˜¬πŸ€―πŸ’€πŸ‘½

  2. When someone lays out everything and talks about everything before them it takes too long. Be specific. These guys getting on here already stoned before starting short the newbies on the benefits of before and after. Pick a single starter set up and demonstrate without the speeches of every piece of gear you own. It defeats the purpose of moving forward when weighted down with everything. That can be covered in another video.

  3. Thanks for showing us the heat part. I'm oldschool and ignorant and had some dab but didn't do it right so I have been researching the right way to do it. You actually said how hot to heat up the nail,whatever. Tons of the "instructional" videos are weak asf because they omit that simple and vital instruction. If you don't know how hot to get it you'll burn away everything. Shit, the last video I watched they cut the video where they were heating it up and going off about everything else. I'm like.. bro. Nice video.

  4. I have a metal collector and always feel like hit it to hot. Im 100% going to try the tapping method, never thought of it and I always end up to big of a hit/or melting the wax to the tip, so wasting it lol . Thanks again .

  5. I didn't know this existed until 3 days ago. Now I'm waiting for a friend to arrive who is also clueless and I'm giving him a glass straw and a container. He won't even know wtf it is. So now I understand how to explain all this, lol…Thanks!!

  6. Best video on this! I personally could really use seeing a close-up of how the tip hits the concentrate! Video is excellent, it’s the part hidden by the bucket/jar some of us newbs to legal need to be able to see. Not partaking w/ anyone, covid; wasting enough that carts aren’t extravagant! (So odd to be so clueless w/ MJ!)

  7. Thank you SO much!!!!!! This was SO educational, I was going crazy trying to find a solid video that had all the information I need, specifically regarding temps. This is great info, very well done. Thanks again man! πŸ™‚

  8. So you can use the nectar collector with sugar, shatter, all the different types of concentrate? My bud tender told me they are really only good for budder something like sugar you would just suck up
    But the way you explained it sounds like I can dab more than budder?

  9. rather than dab rigs which require preparation and clean up with each dab, i think it would be a lot simpler just to have a bunch of wax in a glass vial and instead do this method.
    What i mean is, its easier to dip a hot glass tube in vial of wax than to drop a little dab on a hot nail that wastes a lot and requires more prep.

  10. Is there a certain way to put the collector down on the concentrates like I feel like when I’m doing it I’m not getting all the smoke out of each dab and feel like a lot is getting sucked into the straw but not giving me a good hit

  11. Man i just bought a micro nectar collector from my local shop and if im just dumb or what but i cant get a hit. Like i feel high after hitting it but get absolutely no smoke/vapor no coughing, its like im not inhaling anything. Am i doing something wrong or is this how its supposed to be? Only hit a nectar collector one other time and i remember getting such a huge hit i coughed my ass off for 20 mins

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