How to SMOKE a BONG properly for the first time

Hey everyone, My favorite way to smoke is out of a bong and I have spent years perfecting my recipe for How to SMOKE a BONG properly for the first time. Also …


  1. 13 smoked weed before I know how to roll a joint now I'm learing how to smoke a bong wonder what my life will be when I'm older

  2. you don’t need some much water. as long as when you tilt the bong, the water is above the slits so you can get some function that’s all you need. If you put to much and pull to hard after pulling the slide water can get in your mouth. i’m not talking shit just giving suggestions.

  3. High from Canada Doll. I just found you by accident while surfing the net looking for information on different types of concentrates. No one has a video on the differences between shatter, butter, diamonds, caviar, rosin, resin, etc. Would that be something you could do?? Nice content and best of luck to you with your interesting videos. Your new fan, Sativa

  4. beginner smoker here! just got my first ever bong, hella excited to try it! love the good energy. you really had me smiling and all giddy to try my bong out. definitely subscribing. keep it up brother! <3 😉

  5. Fire video bro I'm 25 and just got a bong as a Christmas gift and I will admit I am scared of it lmao but I'm gonna rip it today fuck it

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