How to Release Tense Shoulders & Ease Neck Pain ♥ Back Massage Tutorial with Neck & Scalp Work

Learn techniques for releasing shoulder & neck tension with Chandler Rose, LMT. ♥ Exclusive Massage Videos for Patrons: …


  1. I’m happy that Stella is onsite to provide early warning and protection in the event a motherGrizzly bear and her cubs wander into the work area. No one ever talks about the fact that due to Stella’s vigilance not a single one of this beautiful young ladies massage models has attacked or killed by a bear, wolf pack, or Mountain Lion. Well done Stella your truly man ( and massage patients) best friend.

  2. I don’t understand something… this is probably my 101 video that I’ve seen and all the models are women… I want to see how you massage the body of a men.

  3. Wow I never seen the muscles twitched that much so early into the session. Goes to show she's hitting all the right areas with precision. Stella maximize the effect no doubt <3

  4. Myra is hot, the dog is cute, and the therapist is well spoken and informative. But the music is a downer….. elevator music you’d hear at lobby of a low priced motel or massage parlour.

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