How To Pot Under Pressure In Snooker

Developing Mental Strengh For Snooker how to pot balls under pressure. Snooker mental tips and training handle snooker pressure test for sport. Break from …


  1. Probably the most helpful video I've seen on snooker anywhere, something we all suffer with but rarely covered. Brilliantly explained and done in a friendly and totally understandable way like all BFL vids. Great stuff.

  2. Hey! Im enjoying so much all of your videos, i was play 8 ball pool for a long time when i was younger, now im playing more snooker which is slightly different. Your videos helps a lot to keep my mind 100 procent how to play in theory. Hope to see you once for a game!
    Thanks for shareing your knowledge!!!

  3. your absolutely right players miss shots under pressure because they're thinking about other things and forget to stick to their pre shot routine and staying focused.

  4. I play 8-Ball but I find most of your videos relevant and very helpful with my game. This video, in particular, is your best yet! Keep up the good work!!

  5. Excellent tutorial as usual. I'm always picking up things watching these videos. Putting them into practice properly is another thing!.

  6. If only I watched this video before my matches today. At one point I had to pot a blue to be sure of a win, and it rattled in the jaws like 7 or 8 times, opponent managed to finally pot it and finish off with pink and black ;(

  7. Finally someone is saying like it is. I now understand what to do. Pressure isn't something to get ride of. It's just there. So do not try to dodge it, just accept it and use your technique which you gradually have built up. Thanks, from the small town of Alblasserdam, The Netherlands.

  8. Great advice. It’s something most players struggle with and very few people can give advice on the mental side of the game so thanks for this video! Steve Moss, Chesterfield.

  9. Just what I need. I'm going to a six red tournament tomorrow and I know I can win it if I play like I can. I just don't want to miss anything easy but it's sometimes easy to take shots for granted. Usually my brek ends with the easiest shot of the break and that's not how it should be.

  10. I thought I was the only one who put pressure on themselves when at the snooker hall playing alone. I know those guys at the table next to me couldnt give two shits about my cueing but after 2 or 3 bad shots in a row I start wigging out about them watching me. My technique sucks. I'll start ripping shots with tons of backspin knowing I'll miss but trying to impress one way or another and then miss cue because I tried to put too much spin and I moved my head. Then I try not to shout obscenities. Its rough.
    Oh well, just finished a good 4.5 hour session at the snooker club and got home in bed to see this. thanks mate!

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