1. I took this and I passed! I drunk a gallon of Palo Azul the night prior, went to the gym and sat in the sauna 🧖🏾, then I ran this morning. I tested myself at home and I passed my drug test! Good luck everyone!!!

  2. Light smoker here….I'm currently waiting for my test results. Took test yesterday morning. However, I think I did it wrong. I've started the drink 530 am, took me about an hour to finish. Secondly, right after I finished I refilled it with water and finished that. Took my drug test 730am with my 1st pee used. Will I be okay…thoughts?

  3. I finished the gcarb032 and 32 0unces of water. Im 5'6" and 213 i stared at 740 am. The testing place is about half hour away so im going to head up there around 1am any thoughts

  4. I’ve been using this since 2012 bro and I can say Qcarbo has never failed me I’m like 8/8 with drug tests. A few was for jobs but the last 3 maybe 4 were for probation!!! GG

  5. So if I quit smoking for 2 weeks and hydrate extremely well n put in the extra effort n hit up the sauna a few times and the gym then still take this and do these steps the morning of I'll definitely be good right?? Im extra cautious about this cuz I've been regular / heavy smoker for 10+ years n have never had to quit n clean up..

  6. Love your energy, u so sweet i would love to have u as my friend papi.
    My main question is… Does this only works for weed or for other drugs too?? I googled it and some places it says it only work for THC but then in a few i seen it says it works for others too, but is very very few and far between that i see those. 😭💔
    (Like Celia Cruz says;" My English Is Not Very Good Looking😂😂)

  7. let me tell you my story guys. So November I put in for a big job that pays around 75k a year with enough overtime at a plant. Recently graduated high school dropped out of college shit was not for me lol. I smoked every day for at least 6 months. I’m talking wake and bake and mid night snack hits and shit. But fast forward, yeah I put in the job November thinking I wasn’t going to get a call back cause I was 18 and young with no experience at the time so I kept smoking and working at a bottomless job making 9 a hour. And then fast forward to January I wake up one day as usual,I start smoking when my phone rings… yup it’s the damn people on the phone asking for a interview and physical drug test. At that moment I heard physical too so I knew I couldn’t sneak fake piss in there because Ima haft to strip down and jump and shit in my damn draws and possibly feel on my balls and was scared she was going to feel the packet .So I’m worried like all of us here I saw this vid and did all the steps and when I say that fucking drink turns your piss yellow that was mf glow in the dark yellow. Kinda like neon. I looked at my piss in that cup and was like holy fuck I am done for. Then I hand it to her omg y’all boys she looked at it and literally said “WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DRINKING”. When I say my heart was in my ass I was finna run out the door. But I lied and said I ran track and shit and took a ass of pre work out and vitamins. Waited 4 days later I got a call I passed so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND. Grateful for this product I got my dream car a Dodge Challenger at 19 and never smoked again after. 😭‼️

  8. I am 5'9 and I weigh 200. I stopped smoking a month and a half ago. Tested myself yesterday and I'm still dirty. I have a drug test in 4 days. Thinking if I should get this drinl

  9. Hey man I smoked everyday for the last 5 years…. I haven’t smoked in 8 days and got a drug test in 2 days do you think I have any chance of passing with this? I’m slim don’t have much body fat

  10. I have a drug screen Friday in the morning for 10 am… what should I do … take the drink 4-5 hours before and should I drink two bottles of the dexot

  11. Ive been using this since high school days, anyone that tells you this doesn’t work to pass a drug test have not done it correctly. I highly recommend this product

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