How to Open a Cannabis Dispensary in Arizona

ArizonaCannabis #CannabisNews How to Open a Dispensary in Arizona An excerpt from our ‘Arizona Cannabis Lawyer’ episode, watch here: …


  1. I've been reading so many rules, laws and regulations in AZ and I'm so confused. Do I need to purchase a dispensary license to deliver medical, and down the line recreational(when it becomes legal), or do i just need a regular business license right now to deliver medical and have to partner with a dispensary?

  2. All of this govt regulation and licensing process is a waste of time and resources. Let all non-criminal entrepreneurs start a mj business if they want and let the best man/woman win. It should be that simple. Great video tho.

  3. Lawyers suck all the fun out of anything but they can't take down the healer of the nation's, bro I been hunted by the man for this FOOD PRODUCT since, 1986 furthermore cannabis gives healing input into your endo-canabanoid system in your human brain scientifically proven it's called endocrinology or like, brain surgeon stuff man! our government patented some whack deal from the cannabis plant in the 40's, hypocritical much? Lol I am the Elder.

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