How to Kick Start Your Freshly Planted Clones with VeloKelp

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  1. I love my mini RemoNutrients jug! Works like a charm. 👍🏼LOL time to roll twooo joints! 🤣🤣Love it guys, great vid, stay stoned and covid free my friends!

  2. Remo, I have a question.
    I have grown cannabis outside and have always have started my plants inside. Well, I decided to flower one inside, in a closet. The smoke was great but was very perfumish/ dryer sheet-like. Would carpet possible cause this?

    Thank you.

  3. Remo do you suffer back problems or just too wrecked to bend down and mist those little puppies from underneath as I'm sure they will thank you even more in the long run if you mist up their kilts .peace bro look into it I'm not telling a granny how to blow eggs and not saying yous a granny haha stay safe n blessed

  4. Why don’t you sit back smoke a joint and have me do that hard labor over there Remo ? Fuck I’ll roll you two joints. Cheers boys. Smoking on live resins as of lately for my pains and spasms out of my 510 thread pen . Beary lemonade #3 and blood orange cookies 🍪 by raw garden.

  5. Thanks for the Video buddy! With your assistance the other day on IG, my Zombie Kush clones are still going, They have not drooped over nor the leaves are showing no color distortion, they all still look like happy healthy clones! I am assuming they have started to root and hopefully, within a few days, I will know the outcome for sure. (And it's looking like I may not have to switch to some old Advanced N. I have laying around to get all the way through my grow) Which is outstanding!
    Operation Clone is a Success so far.
    Thank You for your assistance once again, and for this short N Sweet tutorial!

  6. I was looking into buying some of your nutrients but am unsure about the dosing. Seems like its only for hydro as all the math revolves around a reservoir size?

  7. i have been watching remo since 2006 or so. Remo – if you are reading this, I need a few of those measuring cups (to go with the nutes of yours I use) up in K town.

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