1. Remember, Marjorie Taylor Greene is a facebook crazy boomer who believes in jewish space laser, and she is now a congresswomen.

    Now you understand how dangerous facebook is.

  2. That explains a lot as my parent spends a lot of time on Facebook and is very much one of the boomers described in this video, I knew Facebook had a hand in it but as I haven't gone on in years I didn't realize how bad it was. Worst thing is is that they won't even listen to any opposition to their views, they just immediately stop me from saying anything on the subject

  3. Boomers here in my country (Brazil) are staunchly anti-communist and hardline defenders of the military dictatorship that ruled the country for 21 years during the cold war. Obviously not all boomers are reactionaires that want the comeback of an an authoritarian government, but the majority of those people are usually boomers.

  4. An individual boomer's beliefs aren't the cancer – they're just the metastases. The source of those beliefs is the cancerous growth. Fighting the metastases is always a losing battle if the m main growth isn't cut out.

  5. MZ doesn't just sleep soundly, he sleeps with the vision of a world in a "200 years of peace" and envisions himself a roman emperor. His wife said of his honeymoon (to rome) that it was as if there were 3 people on their honeymoon, with the third being Augustus (Ceasar). Its why he's had that haircut as long as he has. Behind the Bastards has done an episode on him and FB at large and while yes this video is about boomers, you can argue that the propaganda machine FB facilitates elsewhere has done even more harm with threats of violence targeted by political figureheads at their enemies and acts of genoc!de in the third world.

  6. Don't just tell people to Google it either though, because the conservative outlets abuse SEO as much as possible so it almost helps further reinforce the bullshit

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