1. Thank you short quick and straight to the point I enjoy drinking my dandelion root coffee and I was just curious if there was anything beneficial about it so now I know thanks again

  2. I recently was told about dandelion root i was going for water pills or anything that would help with water retention. The lady at the vitamin shop showed me dandelion root. Its been helping me!

  3. Liked your video thank you

    And All parts of dandelion are edible so i like to eat the whole plant and cook the stems flowers roots and leaves…yummy food

  4. Hi: I have pupps and I have been taking dandelion tea during my pregnancy. I delivered the baby but still have pupps itching. My question is can I use dandelion tea while nursing. Is it safe for the child ???

  5. I'm glad to hear there are so many health benefits because I have a pound of dried dandelion root in my cupboard. 😀 I just roasted it and made dandelion coffee for the first time tonight. I honestly thought all the bloggers were exaggerating how much it tastes like coffee, but they really weren't!

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