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Want to know how to pass a hair drug test? Then you need this guide! You’ll learn 2 simple techniques to help you pass without problems ‍⚕️ The ultimate …


  1. Hello guys, i hope maybe one of you can help me.

    I live in germany and I need to do a hairtest to get back my drivers licence. Somehow i could arrange ordering these products, but I am told, that our tests are different to yours. You need to pass a test for the company you work for. The state says its my turn to proof, so they have it easy to say my hair is manipulated. I am not allowed to color my hair or to bleach it. And People say the Tide and vinegar burns your head as hell and destroys the STRUCTURE in the hair and they see its broken.

    Would it work if I only use The aloe toxin rid with the ultra clean? or any other recommentations?

  2. Hi I have a hair follicle drug test on the 9th of April I am clean from cocaine 3 solid months total of 104 by time I get tested I have ordered this zyot shampoo will this be enough to pass many thanks

  3. @green fleets so I have a drug test in a week for my hair and I haven’t smoked weed in about 3 weeks but I’m not a heavy smoker like a took two hits of a blunt and didn’t inhale but prior to smoking I used coke two months ago and then the month before that as well so 3 months that time what do I have to do to pass the test please respond

  4. I’m a infrequent smoker. I haven’t smoked in about two months and my piss came out clean. Can I just do Apple Cider Vinegar, Baking Soda and Zydot and be good?? Also, when should I do the Zydot?? My hair follicle test is next Tuesday.

  5. I haven’t smoked in 3 months I’m heavier set and have a lot of body fat. By working out and burning fat does that re metabolize the thc into fresh growing hair????

  6. I have not smoked for 1 year but my dad told me they can pick it up with a background of 4 years but Ik they aren’t gonna check that far I so what I want to know am I okay

  7. HI I HAVE A QUESTION PLEASE RESPOND!!! I stopped smoking about a month and a half ago and only smoked at night, do you recommend to you the macujo method and Zydot, or can u just use zydot?? Thank you!!

  8. @GreenFleets. I haven’t smoked marijuana in 2 Months Maybe A Little Longer. Ik it’s been atleast 60 days. I bought 5 boxes of Zydot and used them day by day for my beard cause I have a low cut. I Took My Hair Follicle Test Today. I soaked my beard in apple Cider Vinegar This Morning For 30 Minutes and I used one box of the Zydot. My hair has been sent to the lab for testing. Will I have a great chance of passing? Please Reply

  9. if I use the zydot as soon as I’m told I will have a drug test, will I be good for the test? should I use the zydot anytime before test? or on day of? sorry jus kind of confused on when to use the product. PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY!!!

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