1. I grew for a short time and it is very nice nurturing these little beauties that you treat like your babies . It’s a precise process of feeding and timing plus precaution of making sure they stay healthy to their highest yield . Love it and I would leave my job in a heart beat for slightly lower pay to be a grower

  2. This reinforced what I have experienced in my first grow that the plants work even while asleep! Every morning when I wake my baby up it's leaves are perked up and ready in anticipation of light(?) and then slightly droppy before lights out. It could potentially be off gassing too I suppose, but I interpret this body language as positive. From my very little experience I would have to think a 18/6 is the best light schedule vs 20/4 or 24/0 for veg.

    If I'm not mistaken I read foliage and stem development occur during the day but root development occurs at night? So the plant never stops working, it just uses light cycles to time specific growth develop and then for fruiting. A quick google search to confirmed turned up this general botany bit of information:
    "Most plants grow faster in the evening and at night than they do during the day. The same holds for pumpkins. In recent years, research on circadian rhythms in plants has shown that the night-time growth spurts of plants is under control of the plants biological clock."

    This further reinforces the plant's need for darkness, to maintain that circadian rhythm. This also points that the increased scheduled darkness 12/12 is when the fruit development.

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