FY 2020 Webinar #2: Assessing Program Risk and Identifying Fraud in CCDF

This webinar is the second in the FY 2020 National Program Integrity Webinar Series. Topics covered included 1) an overview of program integrity and why it is …


  1. i just wonder if it would make a difference if Nationwide Directors and their case workers were informed of this webinar if their would be more feedback from caseworkers and questions they have regarding laws in the state in which they practice sociology as part of their employment with the State in which they were hired and if using the childwelfaregateway.com be a place to use as a hub for each secretary of state and counties directors since each state is located on this website including the laws citations statutes and step by step instructions pertaining to how each case should be handled by a caseworker . My question is how the funds are allocated out to each county in the united states and if the funds are being used properly to provide services and resources to protect families from being destroyed preventing children from being separated from their primary care taker being the parent who normally cares for the child and with whom the child has a bond and attachment with and to implement family preservation to protect the childs mental health state of mind and well being so that the system is not used fraudulently to gain sole custody of a child instead of divorce court . This is a major issue and no parent should have to live in fear of speaking out about certain things that may of negatively impacted their family as a result of family violence when the system is used to toll a parents child support and waive an incarcerated parents rights . All family members involved in the childs life should make it a point to work together as responsible adults to make a way for the child to maintain a healthy relationship with both sides of their split up separated or divorced parents and not abuse deprive or unlawfully restraint the child from loving contacting and maintaining a connection to either or parent or family member with whom they had a healthy relationship with.

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