Flame Weeding Comparing the Weed Dragon and the Hot Devil Gas Flame Weeders.

Flame weeding is a way of keeping weeds under control without using chemical sprays or digging. It is great for getting rid of weeds without harming bees and …


  1. I use this on my property, great for the sidewalk and large side gravel driveway i have. If i were to use chemicals I would be spending almost $70-$100 a month just on weed killer. I still use spray against the house and anywhere I don't want to catch fire. But for the bulk of my property, it's mostly rocks and gravel, and the red dragon torch I have is perfect for blasting everything away and keeping the property maintained without breaking the bank or my back. I can cover my property multiple times on a single 20 gallon tank that costs ~ $8 USD to fill up. You can't beat that. Plus you can light the grill too 🙂

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