First Day of Trigger Point Injections for Neck and Shoulder Pain

I will discuss my First Day of Trigger Point Injections for Neck and Shoulder Pain. ***** 10% OFF of CBD Products (Coupon Code: PainFree7) CBD Hut: …


  1. I feel you sis. I just got my second round of trigger point injections 💉 it sucks but at this point I'm desperate for the relief. I also get facet joint nerves burning every 6 months. I'll follow your journey to pain relief God bless you 🙏

  2. Is your CR a severe case? I was recently diagnosed CR and I feel your pain. I eneded up in ER twice due to the pain level. It was excruciating. No pain meds was ae to calm down the nerve that they prescribed me. ER docs had to give me the real stuff . I couldn't even sit thats how bad it got. After a ESI it definitely gave me relief THANK GOD but unfortunately they said it will never heal on its own so a spine surgeon will need to give their opinion how long can I live off of ESI procedure (limited to only 3 tries). Im praying it will last me years until i get another injection. Im just really avoiding surgery!

  3. Your video quality, titles and thumbnails are great. The lighting is also excellent. But I can't understand why your videos get less views. Especially when you r talkin, I can stay here for hours ❤. I mean ur beauty 😇… eh. I guess, the more tags you add, the more people you can reach…

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