1. I have 2 identical ones called whosled they stopped selling them now but 200$ and I can grow 10 x10 ft area with just 2 lights. I have asked several companies about whosled because they didnt include my adjustable hooks and other things they promised. mine uses 225 watts with veg and bloom on. grew 2 beefsteak tomato plants with 1 light it was amazing

  2. I got 6 1500 watts lights running right now. 12 cannabis plants underneath. About 17 days into the grow on the plants are bulking up quick. I’m running both veg and bloom for 18 hours at about 24 inches away. I will update later.

  3. Have 4 of these. 2 in each 4×4 tent. So far so good on a 16:6 veg schedule. I have yet to see results in bloom but i have high hopes due to reviews on Amazon.

  4. Great light for starting plants. I've compared my starters I've grown with this light to starters you can buy at a nursery and mine, hands down, blow them away. Great value.

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