Ex Narc Barry Cooper teaches how to Sneak Weed Through An Airport and not get Busted

Join former narcotics agent, humanitarian and addiction specialist, Barry Cooper, as he explains how to safely sneak your stash of cannabis through an airport.


  1. Lol, my niece called as she was on a plane with 17 kilos of Cocaine. And she has no worries at all. Lol she is DEA. I don’t support the DEA or the fake WAR ON DRUGS.

  2. So what your saying anyone could put a rocket up there ass and these scanner machines wouldn’t detect it ,so I’m wondering what’s the point of all the security then ? Your starting to scare me dude

  3. Miss seeing you, brother! Hope you are doing well. I know you have ensured the unimaginable, time and again, in the last decade plus, but your will and determination always shine through in your videos, even when you are obviously upset…it gives me strength beyond strength to see you continue to shoulder everything that's thrown your way and keep on doing the absolute best that you can, in order to survive and thrive..I know the ibogaine has worked wonders in your life. I can see it in your eyes! It's an incredible tool for introspection and soul healing…
    Thank you for all of your hard work, sacrifice, blood, sweat and tears, Mr. Cooper.

  4. Any one that even tries this is a fucking goon. It just isn’t worth it. Especially if your flying internationally. Just because it’s legally obtained in your state or country doesn’t mean shit.

  5. I must commend you sir… this video was great from beginning to end.. ii appreciate you for advising to not bring it on plane atall
    I appreciate you OG

  6. just shove it all in a cuddly toy in place of the stuffing and send it through DHL. otherwise if you're smuggling something like hash just make sure you dress looking like the businessman rather than a stoner and just leave it in your bag

  7. I vaccum sealed it and wrapped it in plastic. It's only a half but it's looks like a plastic little brick. Is it gonna look unusual in the xray?

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