1. Get on the Dublin ufc card in Ireland August (if it goes ahead) you'll get the whole arena cheering for you with that name of yours! Big fan! 👊🇮🇪

  2. Tim check out “The Biggest Secret” By David Ickle and you’ll see how it talks about Adam and Eve and how they were really created, I got it free on Kindle, shits crazy

  3. I've been following David Ickes work for a few years, read two of his books. Personally recommend 'Perception Deception'. Have you guys seen his latest interview about the new virus by LondonRealTV? It's already been pulled by youtube but can watch it at londonreal.tv or davidicke.com It's craaaaaaazy

  4. jobins, im coming for that championship. only been training about 2 years but fuck it ill scrap any of my brothers on here. cold? no issue ill Wim Hoff that shit. bong rips? forget ab it im clearing bowls. lets run it

  5. Guys I'm a lil agitated with y'all cross contamination. You guys are ballers in the weed industry please please roll 2. Everybody smoke their own. That's it I'm serious about it I care about y'all that's why I said that. Peace.

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