Easiest Place to Buy Drugs in India #UndercoverRock

I went undercover on the streets of Mumbai to see how easy it is to buy drugs in India. I’d been the tourist area, Colaba, the day before and been shocked at how …


  1. Our funniest moment in Mumbai was just outside at the Gateway of India. A man coming to us: You wanna buy Maps? You wanna buy Maps? Then shows us a map of Goa with terrible stuff inside. At least 10 police men around us. We thought this is a trap right away πŸ˜€

  2. U are in india bro u cannot call aur country brands stupid clothing go back to ur country bcoz u don't deserve here making fun of indian markets we should go and flim in ur medical shops because u sell there we dont

  3. Drugs are everywhere I lived in canada you go in sudden areas here Toronto you can find all kind of drugs ….why are you just showing negative side of india

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