DRUGLORD #JUAREZCARTEL #AMADOCARRILLO was a Mexican drug lord who seized control of the Juárez Cartel after assassinating his boss Rafael …


  1. A plaza is like what a turf is to a gang except at a bigger scale and way different in terms of violence. When you own the plaza you own the city/whole area you claimed and the drug routes.

  2. I both Respect and Admire you JC I wish I had a brother like you , shit I could use the mentorship in general , I’m proud of your accomplishments your a cut above the rest.

  3. Isn't a plaza just like a Borgata. I'm a Guinea, so, for me, the mafia has borgatas. Although the neighborhood I'm from in CT is ALL KINGS. Love your channel brother.

  4. Keeping mind, that was $25 billion twenty three years ago. That would probably be at least $40 billion in today's dollars. Everyone always wants to talk about El Chapo, he never eclipsed Amado Carrillo in wealth or influence.

  5. Too many Plazas compa 🤷‍♂️…basically every state has a plaza. And sub plazas within the state. Yes make a video on plazas 👍..I was actually living in Jalisco for 7 months in 1997. Fell in love and could not leave. LoL. I was 20 like you buddy. Saludos desde el valle De San Fernando. Sylmar, San Fernando and pacoima ..much love my friend. Stay positive. And you are doing a great job. All Hands on JOURNALISM ..💪🏻👍🙏

  6. Yes drop that content love hearing about the cartels. And has anyone said that you look like josh from 23&1 when you was both younger on your mug shots 😂😂😁

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