Do Different Kratom Strains Make A Difference? | Kratom Researcher Dr. Oliver Grundmann

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  1. So I just ordered my first batch of KRATOM from a reputable vendor last Sunday that just passed on the 20th my priority post ok. Meaning that it should take between 1-3 days. So, during this time in tapering off and going through hell and some of you may know this. I look at the tracking and it tells me that it should be at my address by the 23rd. So the day comes and no package. I call Canada post, they give me some excuse as they would during this time but really, I don’t care I paid them extra $40 for priority express. I check today and it now says to be delivered on the 29th. Now what should I do here. Raise hell with Canada post ? Incredible ain’t it ?

  2. There are too many names and strains and choices! It’s driving me crazy! I’ve only ever had maeng da (green and white) and was curious as to if I should try other colors/types. I like feeling good and energetic and green/white maeng da seem to work good (if it’s good Kratom). Others I should try?

  3. It is the same as far as the names go it's just made to sound exotic as far as the colors red is dried mostly outdoors green is mostly dried indoors white is a mixture of the two methods and some strains are slightly fermented almost all the kratom is blended the different effects come from the drying methods and the dry and wet seasons the difference between these vendors who import metric tons and mostly use extracts to make high mitra percentage and lab test of high mitra percentage does not mean the effects are stronger or better there are many alkaloids in kratom that provides the effects I've had kratom of 1.9percent mitra that wasn't nearly as effective as .09 percentage most of the overpriced large volume vendors is very old poor quality that's been in a warehouse for years do your research and don't pay attention to google results of best quality kratom or youtube most of these vendors give free kratom for fake reviews search double m herbals and ask for advice from people who have been using kratom for years and check out there vendor lists and reviews

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