Differences Between Dry Leaf & e-Liquid Cannabis Vaporizers: Cannabasics #120

(21+ Educational Purposes only) Let’s take a look at the differences between dry leaf cannabis and cannabis e-liquid vaporizers today on Cannabasics #120.


  1. @Ruffhouse studios. I'm currently in the market for a dry herb vape and am looking for a clean smooth vape. I'm having trouble honing in on one and thought your knowledge could help. Ideally it's somewhat portable, uses glass tube, has a decent battery life(3+ bowls a charge), has temp adjustment and is under £150 ($200 ISH!). big clouds are not as important to me but would be nice. I'd have to put a priority on tasty and cooler vapour. Do you have any recommendations for the best options? Many thanks!

  2. Hey Matt, not sure if you have yet..but you should do a video on Rosin presses. I bought a 6 ton one from Dabpress and I love it 👍👍 no more combusting plant materials into my lungs, I've noticed the difference for sure. I dont have a constant hacking cough anymore.

  3. Water bong vs dry vaping next? I want a dry vap but the price is way out my price range starting at $150 at vape shops when a bong only start at $20 for small glass one

  4. Carcinogens in cannabis… is there any research that shows a plausible link between smoking cannabis and cancer? Before you say "Smoking anything probably isn't good for you anyway, cause smoke, obviously.", I used to think the same thing. Perro like… it hasn't killed Willie Nelson yet nor does there appear to be peer-reviewed study suggesting (when alcohol and tobacco use are controlled for) that smoking cannabis does more than increase mucus production and cause slight inflammation. Both of which don't last 5 minutes past the end of your joint (anecdotally). Doctors can't tell when you don't tell them you smoke it. I figure the joint papers will give you cancer first.

  5. Pipes Peake rigSmoke shops have long been part of the culture of the West. We have simply intensified the experience for our Colorado Springs, CO neighbors and visitors..

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