Day Traders Pre-Game Show – April 29th, 2021

Get ready for the Market action with the TCG Team! We will review key levels and technical setups for ES and NQ futures, discuss key sectors and review some …


  1. Excerpt from an online investment discussion group of very experienced investors….

    Signs: 80 year old woman today asked me about buying Bitcoin through our Coinstar kiosk here at the store…I asked how much she wanted to buy? 3k…old employee asked me today if I'm buying Dogecoin, he said he's thinking about putting $500 in…Had a tip from an online customer that wrote on a piece of paper with the cash it said buy Dogecoin ….top is in or close when the public is buying the pump….

    A reply, 
    Thanks for the anecdotes! These do indeed sound like signs that the Cryptos might have already topped for this cycle. I was just thinking last week that the action in Doge looked like the tulip bubble to me. I mean, after all Doge is a genuine sh*tcoin. It was created purely as a joke. It has no use case. And it has no limitation on the numbers of coins which can be minted like BTC has. The only thing that it has going for it is a picture of a dog, and a bunch of dummies who are trying to copy Musk.

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