Crystal Meth is Destroying South African Communities (2006)

Shattered Dreams (2006): Investigating the drug that’s ravaging suburban South Africa communities. For similar stories, see: Gangs Are Stealing Anti-Retrovirals …


  1. Used meth for 2 years, went heavy from the first day i started.
    Did so much damage & created so many problems in those 2 years.
    Forcing my parents to give me money every day, sold a lot of our household items, borrowed money, stole, getting so temperamental i almost ran my dad over with the car, girlfriend(s) left me, friends left, relatives left, all this just to name a few.
    I'm 6' tall but i weighed only 55 kilos.
    My cheeks were so sunken and i smelled like cat piss but everything felt and looked normal when you're on meth.
    The scariest part is when i was high nothing seemed to be out of place at all mostly because of that rush of confidence and a sense of being right all the time.
    Only during my time in rehab that i realised the destruction i left behind.
    Been clean for 31 months now & counting.
    Life gave me a 2nd chance & i wouldn't want to fcuk it up again because we never know, the next time i fcuk up again the answer might be death.
    We never know.
    I pray & hope that those who are battling addiction to meth will come out victorious.
    I know it's a tough one because the rush it gives is just so damn euphoric but stay strong & keep fighting.
    Confide in people who can and want to help you get out of the rut.
    Hell, i couldn't do it myself and the only thing that worked was a 12-month rehab with no connection to the outside world during. No internet, no phones. Only weekly 1-hour long family visitations.
    Don't give up brothers & sisters, it's never too late unless you're dead.
    Just…don't…give….up 😊

  2. May God Be with you all, he loves ya'll and everything will be amazing❤❤❤May the blessed virgin accompany you and the son , the father & the holy spirit.

    I don't want likes like the rest, I'm just spreading my God's word thanks have a nice blessed day❤I love everyone of Y'all because you are made from God the one I love the most😊

  3. When i start this for the first timr i was feeling so good relax want to do everything like walk run and talk until sleep but if you stop it you will fight with your brain and will be paronoid person scared from everything

  4. Это не люди, это бесы! Бесы которые вселяются в них и правят ими, во время действия наркоты, или алкоголя! Мне недавно такие в такси попались. И кинули на 150 грн. Не заплатили. Так хорошо, что я их на камеру заснял и на свой канал выложил, что бы другие люди видели и знали их в лицо! Зайдите на мой канал, посмотрите! Это капец друзья!

  5. Most "meth" sold by the dealers in rsa these days is 100% isopropylbenzylamine and msm, its like a dollar per kilo on alibaba. It's an amine therefore tricking your brain into a belief that its having an effect. Extreme tiredness, shortness of breath is a symptom, the veterans know what im talking about, the people new to it are being sold absolute garbage and making these retards a lot of money in the process. Its a worldwide phenomenon now, Australia, mexico, usa, uk. Stop buying that crap, check out those names, you will recognise the lie you have been sold

  6. I don't know why im not interested of meth. I had tried that before. You exhausted but you can't sleep, you not eat, your nerve is hard, your heart is pumping hard. I mean what the heck why many people like this ( is very dangerous for your life include law too).
    I refer marijuana ( had a good rest, eat well, makes creativity)
    than meth and tobacco (Disqusting).

  7. Heavenly Father please help those who call, in weakness in spirit, trapped in addiction, out to you and I do so on behalf of them who are desperate to get out of tik addiction, and all addictions, who are too weak to call out: please comfort and guide them out.

  8. I really feel for each user because they feel trapped. They want to stop doing it to feel and be normal, but then normal is only possible when they have it and the long withdrawal process and come-downs are filled with weeks of misery by being irritable, helpless to being short-tempered, and stuck the doldrums of no personal growth.

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