Cocaine vs Heroin – Which Drug is More Dangerous (Drug Addiction)?

How are cocaine and heroin produced and what are their effects? Which of these two dangerous drugs is the most dangerous? In today’s educational video, we …


  1. I'm sorry that I commented but I just lost my brother who was addicted to heroin…I don't mean to exaggerate to trigger as an offense…but I wanted to tell you that drugs are bad…please don't take it casually…it's bad😢

  2. WHAT War on Drugs ? Let me know when USA deploys the troops to deal with Cartels the way they deal with the Middle East…
    No US Tanks or Jets taking down drug growing farmlands or manufacturing producers…

  3. Would the drugs destroy lives if they were not illegal? Think about it the fact that it's illegal makes them harder to get and the quality of the drug is more time than not is low because of dealers wanting to make more money while doing the product themselves! If made legal the drugs could be regulated and it's possible that the people using them might not end up destroying there lives because most of there lives end up crashing after an arrest over something minor and being found with the drugs on them or from losing a job because of a company drug test

  4. Umm well i am just gana comment that Alcohol was illegal too
    And well ?
    Umm ya they couldn't stop people using it so they franchised it

    Just like everyone has the choice to drink or not drink why shouldn't it be the same for drugs

    oh ya thats right cause the war on drugs is really a cover to keep impoverished countries poor

    Cause if it was legalized well that would create a massive economic boom forcing less profits to go only to the rich and famous but rather the profits have to stay in the country in order help improve their exploited investments.
    Whereas all that happens now is that a country is gripped by absolutely no opportunity other than drug dealing and crime in order to simply provide and income

  5. we don't need more time to tell us that the war on drugs was an abject failure.
    I'd like to congratulate drugs, for winning the war on drugs. not the outcome I wanted, but it's the one we got!

  6. Had a one of my children’s mother that’s addicted to Coke one of the worst times in my life I tired to help her time and time again but she kept stealing from me Which would cause us to struggle sometimes smh I really hate drug ever since

  7. Don’t worry about a new solution to the world and drugs the government pretty much has enacted their final solution. I’m only kinda joking. Everything they’ve done in this whole Covid thing including releasing it in the first place has done nothing but make it worse and I don’t think that that’s an accident

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