"CHANGING YOUR MIND" with Peter Hitchens

This is a video of several short clips of Peter Hitchens discussing the idea of people changing their minds. This is taken from his appearance on the “Socrates in …


  1. I went from devout atheist to devote theist in one day. No visions of Jesus, or any other of his kind. I simply thought for a while, as it suddenly dawned on me that to believe that all that is either suddenly or over many billions of years came to be, by some kind of indescribably improbable accident was clearly absurd. I could not understand why this ever seemed remotely possible, or why any one else could think it so either.

    It did not lose me any friends as none of them seemed to care what I thought on the matter, and just carried on as if nothing had happened. I thought about why this was, and realised that the entire subject was of no relevance or interest to them, one way or another. I shortly after became a Freemason so was soon exposed to a whole lot of new people all of which profess to a belief in some kind of higher being, which seemed to fit just nicely into my new thinking, so everything went just fine.

    Unfortunately for Peter Hitchens he has sort of nailed his flag to a highly public mast over many years, so he would have gone through a very different experience. Made worse because while finding God, he also located his common sense. I remember when he was a strident Marxist on a mission from hell. Peter's transformation from a loud mouthed self opinionated useful idiot, to a loud mouthed self opinionated wise guru, is nothing put impressive, however long it took. Better to get there slowly then not at all.

    Well done that man, for it takes one to admit you have been wrong to even your own mother, but it takes a big man with balls of steel, to admit you have been wrong about absolutely everything before an entire World.

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